Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Reading Star!

T with fellow kinder classmate and best buddy, A

Last Thursday I had a message from someone at school that said there would be an awards ceremony at 9AM and T would be getting an award, so it would be nice to see you there.
Sheesh. Talk about last minute! And on a Friday, when work is always slammin' busy! I left a message for my co-worker that I need to see what this ceremony was about and that I'd be about 20 minutes late (lie, lie, lie). But I had to see what T would be awarded!
Since it was Friday, the day started with the kids walking across the street, single-file, to the black top playground and saying the "pledge of allegiance". Everyone. In unison. It was just a site. I had my video camera ready and hopefully I captured how cool it was. After a few announcements and rah-rahs for certain classes doing well in fund raising, all 5 kinder classes crowded into the media room and sat around the stage area. The parents that came were pressed up against the back perimeters of the room.
There were 4 areas to be awarded.
1. Best citizenship-- being kind and respectful to others.
2. Most improved
3. Math awards
4. Reading awards
Since any of those things was a potential area (well, OK, I'd be surprised if he got the best citizen ship award--we're still working on the social skills) for T, I was hoping he would be included in the FIRST category--go I could leave and get to work without being ridiculously late.
But of course not.
Each category had about 12 kids that each were recognized and then invited up on stage to accept a special ribbon. And then a group photo was taken. Lots of applause all along the way.
Category after category and I could see T wanting to be called but having to put his hand down frequently as he wasn't called forward.
I was getting nervous and starting palpitations as time ticked by...
Finally it came, second to the last kid called up.
Hooray! T earned an award for being a great reader and knowing all of his "sight" words. Words such as "I, he, she, we, like, a, at, the, come, with look," etc. There are 32 in all. He knew them straight away and didn't need to study them. It's nice to be recognized and all the students were beaming has they got their moments in the sun.
Some kids went up accidentally, having the same first names, but the "wrong" child graciously gave the ribbon to the correct awardee and even gave her a hug and then sat down again. Wow. That's pretty special for a kindergartner.
The only bummer is that I had difficulties with my camera for a picture of the group of Star Readers (batteries had fallen out of the camera!) but at least I got it on tape! I was so proud!
And then I had to scramble out of there and make apologies to my colleagues for covering my butt, since I showed up ridiculously late, back in the clinic.
It was worth it, though.

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