Monday, November 23, 2009

Brain block

Every day, just about, I want to post something to share.
T comes up with stories that I think are excellent ingredients for a good blog post...but when I get to the computer I can only remember a few lines of the conversation and then writing down what I do remember makes for a sucky post. So...silence on the blog. But really, there is quite a bit of things I could say.
I found a site that has a ton of knock-knock jokes. Ok, maybe not a ton, but there are 170. Plenty to keep us busy. T has picked his favorites, that he can remember and he'll spring it on it teacher and friends this week.
I decided I HAVE to do something in the interim to make my backyard habitable while I collect funds to put my plans into action. My dad came over yesterday and together we did quite a bit of digging and prep work for getting the backyard in decent shape again. The "club house" is still in limbo. The slug hasn't shown for 2 weeks, despite my phone calls. T had a tough time seeing some of the old plants (rose bushes and rosemary) get pulled out and placed in the green garbage. He hates to see anything go. Anything. Even if it means it makes room from new plants, and a beautful garden WITH a tetherball! Or new toys. Whatever it is. It's like a death to see it go. Although it's a pain to deal with at the time of "separation" from the old thing, I think it's a good sign about what it means to be T. I think his being attached to the things in his little world means he has a sensitive heart. He has "soul", if that makes any sense. Because as wild and crazy as my boy can be, it's sometimes hard to fetter out that he really feels deeply for anything that doesn't have an immediate positive impact on him. Not sure that makes sense, but I think I know what I'm trying to say.
He was all pouty and upset with the changes and loss of our roses. But he was over it in about 30 minutes. I can't wait to put the tetherball up for him. Should be all done in the next 3-4 weeks.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New words..and how to use them

While exiting the freeway that runs near the aiport, there's an excellent view of the runway and the jets taking off and landing.
T says "You see that? Isn't that adorable?"

Adorable? Jets? An airport? Maybe it is!

I love the new vocabulary he picks up...and the creative ways he uses it.
The PBS cartoon "Martha Speaks" is excellent for learning new words, btw (and fun to watch too).