Thursday, May 14, 2009

Moving out of my comfort zone

I'm so content. I really have all I ever wanted. Life is good. Great job, home, child, friends. What more could a girl ask for?
Well, maybe....a partner? Someone to share in all the adventures, great and small. I'm almost afraid to start. I like the ways things are. And I'm the boss. There's no compromising. I kinda really like that part. But life could be enhanced with the right person to share it with.
So after hemming and hawing I've taken the plunge and joined Ma!
During the first two-week free period, I was encouraged to see all the great looking guys who appear to be well adjusted normal people (not unlike myself) looking for the same stuff I am. I felt a sense of optimism and so I plunked down some cash to join and start some real sampling of the single and seemingly emotionally available guys around here.
I wrote a few that seemed nice, great smile and had a decent writing ability. So far, one wrote back, but he seemed a little stand-offish. Not really asking to talk or communicate in the near future. Oh well. It's a target rich environment. I'm bound to find someone worthy of more than one date.
I also do feel a risk is being taken. Not in the area of potential broken heart stuff, but the potential of putting a monkey wrench into my happy contented life equation. If only I could find someone who exists, so far, in my dreams.
Well, at least I'm willing to take a risk and try. I have an open mind at this point. Something I didn't really have all the other times I've tried dating services or the set up dates with friends of friends.
We'll see how it goes...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

So, for mother's day I was given a lovely hand made card--inside T wrote "I love you Mommy. I love when you help me with the dishes." (What? I remember once when you and I did dishes together--you had a blast, but never did pitch in again.) I also received a handsomly decorated little ceramic pot with a beautiful white impatien planted inside. But the BEST present was when I was in the backyard watering the many dry spots and T was bouncing a basketball and announced, out of the blue and unsolicited, "Mommy, I love you. *small pause* "Every time I look at you, I love you."
Awwwww. Well that is the BEST Mother's Day present I've ever had. I hope I get that one every year! Thank you, my beautiful boy.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

thyroid function

Thyroid function still still off. My latest TSH was 3.9. I did't really do any further follow up on it because I feel pretty normal but I still have the extra 5 pounds on me. I lose 2 pounds here and there but it finds me later.
But then my surgeon called and left me a message about how my TSH is a little on the high side of normal and she doesn't want the half of my thyroid left to start swelling under the extra stimulation my brain is trying to give it. Yeah, well, neither do I. I didn't think that would be a concern with a TSH in the "normal" range. Something else to think about....
Maybe I will try taking thyroid hormone and see if it makes a difference in the stubborn 5 pounds and also my energy level. I could always use a boost in that department!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dear Abby

Dear Abby,

I am a single mother of a very active 5-year-old boy. I love my neighborhood and have lived here happily without incident for 14 years—until this past week. Across the street live a couple who adore their 1 year old son. Recently, Mr. S has been gracious enough to kick around a soccer ball in the front yard or include my son with running through the sprink lers when they were outside with their own boy. So my son has gone over there, on occasion, with his ball to find someone to play with. Last Saturday, Mr. S and family were on their way out and explained to my son they had no time to play. Watching them drive away I told my son to come back home. Later that night, a very disturbed Mr. S knocked on my door and asked to speak with me about the condition to which their stroller (stored on their stoop) was found. In the cup holder were small sticks, pebbles and bits of poop. He felt my son was retaliating for not playing with him. I told them my son had never shown anger like that before, but that it could be something a 5-year-old boy might do. I assured him that I would get to the bottom of this and bring him for an apology. The next morning, Mrs. S phoned and asked me, having since gotten a confession, for my son to clean it up. “Absolutely. It will underscore that it was wrong and not to do such a thing again.” We went over and my son gave a half-heart ed apology, citing he didn’t know why he did it. Then I cleaned the stroller tray with disinfectant wipes. I said to Mrs. S that I can’t predict what he might do and that I’m very sorry to have upset them, so I will keep my son on our side of the street to minimize future problems.
But 2 days ago, my son walked over and peeked into their living room window. Once he saw the neighbors he ran back across the street. Mr. S immediately came bounding over and said angrily to my son, “Very funny. Now he’s taken to peeking in our window!” and promptly turned and walked away. I apologized again, but he was clearly SO angry that he might not have heard me. He then stood there on his sidewalk and stared at my home for 20-30 minutes. When his wife came out to speak to him, he yelled and stamped his feet and threw a few things, including the stroller, into the middle of his front yard.
I feel I have done all that I could do to make amends and contin ually teach my son what is good and bad behavior with appropriate consequences, but the antics of this grown man has me pretty upset. In my view, this man seems to have forgotten that this is a 5-year-old boy still learning social rules, NOT a grown person with ulterior, evil motives.
What more can I do?