Thursday, May 7, 2009

thyroid function

Thyroid function still still off. My latest TSH was 3.9. I did't really do any further follow up on it because I feel pretty normal but I still have the extra 5 pounds on me. I lose 2 pounds here and there but it finds me later.
But then my surgeon called and left me a message about how my TSH is a little on the high side of normal and she doesn't want the half of my thyroid left to start swelling under the extra stimulation my brain is trying to give it. Yeah, well, neither do I. I didn't think that would be a concern with a TSH in the "normal" range. Something else to think about....
Maybe I will try taking thyroid hormone and see if it makes a difference in the stubborn 5 pounds and also my energy level. I could always use a boost in that department!

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