Thursday, May 14, 2009

Moving out of my comfort zone

I'm so content. I really have all I ever wanted. Life is good. Great job, home, child, friends. What more could a girl ask for?
Well, maybe....a partner? Someone to share in all the adventures, great and small. I'm almost afraid to start. I like the ways things are. And I'm the boss. There's no compromising. I kinda really like that part. But life could be enhanced with the right person to share it with.
So after hemming and hawing I've taken the plunge and joined Ma!
During the first two-week free period, I was encouraged to see all the great looking guys who appear to be well adjusted normal people (not unlike myself) looking for the same stuff I am. I felt a sense of optimism and so I plunked down some cash to join and start some real sampling of the single and seemingly emotionally available guys around here.
I wrote a few that seemed nice, great smile and had a decent writing ability. So far, one wrote back, but he seemed a little stand-offish. Not really asking to talk or communicate in the near future. Oh well. It's a target rich environment. I'm bound to find someone worthy of more than one date.
I also do feel a risk is being taken. Not in the area of potential broken heart stuff, but the potential of putting a monkey wrench into my happy contented life equation. If only I could find someone who exists, so far, in my dreams.
Well, at least I'm willing to take a risk and try. I have an open mind at this point. Something I didn't really have all the other times I've tried dating services or the set up dates with friends of friends.
We'll see how it goes...


Wishing 4 One said...

This is good. You are not committing to anything, you are taking a chance and maybe just maybe something good could come out of this. Um, i wish my Dad would take that chance (25 years or so divorced). He too has those feelings of being content and not wanting to "muddy his freedom" I think anyway. Good luck and keep us updated.

cmay said...

Thanks Wishing 4 One. At this point it's been quite a time suck. Hours and hours clicking on pictures and profiles. A few more guys writing back but no actual asking for time or dates. A few "winks" too, but that's just a chicken way to get someone to look at their profile. The search continues...

Billy said...

Tagged you -).