Thursday, August 27, 2009

So far, so good

Well, Mom was in the ED for over 6 hours last night.
They did an EKG, CT scan, a couple of chest Xrays (why one, let alone two?? Something about looking at her heart), blood tests, urine tests, more blood tests, and LOTS of blood pressure readings with continuous pulse oximetry. And after all that, to her understanding, she was OK. They said that they couldn't be totally sure about any brain bleed unless they did a spinal tap. And Mom, knowing that it could make her persistent headache much worse, said "Nope. Lets call the testing done." They forgot to feed her (but eventually got a sandwich) and after the warm blankets she didn't feel too much like a popsicle being scrutinized in a tiny room with with crazy bright florenscent lighting. She said everyone (but one guy) was so sweet to her and she really felt well cared for. Thank goodness for that. I take it personally when the place I work doesn't do a stellar job in caring for any patient--let alone one that's my mother.
So, now I hope that the darned headache (and generally yuck feeling) goes away and she's back to being her chipper self.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mom and the Thunderclap Headache

Last Sunday my mom, T and the three guys from Holland took the train up to SF for a day of touring, cable car riding and general exploring.
At one point we were walking down Powell and saw an elevator on the outside of the Fairmont Hotel. It looked like a fantastic vantage point to check out SF from high up. But to get to the entrance of the hotel we had to hike up Sacramento Street. From Powell looking up, it appeared to be at a 45 degree angle. Yikes. But only one city block, so we crossed the street and started the climb. We were all huffing and puffing in no time, and all conversation ceased without the breath to speak. Near the top of the hill, mom started to moan and said there was a knife inside her skull to the right side. It stabbed her with every heart beat. We were all pretty worried but she seemed to be recovering quickly, once we had her sit down, catch her breath and drink some water. And then a woman from the hotel staff walked by and said she used to get bad headaches when she wasn't used to walking the hills too. So we all felt a little better with that bit of information.
An hour or so later we at Lombard Street. She had been waiting there as she arrived in a cable car ahead of me. We decided to walk down the crookedest street and then take a picture from the bottom. No trouble here. Nice views too.
But when we were walking up the steps, Mom suddenly fell. This is always scary since she's been diagnosed with osteoporosis and has broken both elbows with falls in the past. She said her "leg just gave out" and she hadn't tripped. Thank goodness she didn't break a bone but her wrist was sort of sore.
The rest of the day she seemed absolutely fine. We did a LOT of walking and normally she's behind me in speed but this time I was the slow poke. I'd forgotten all about the horrible headache she'd had.
The next day, she said she was sort of sore all over, her arthritis was bothering her and that headache was still with her. It wasn't anything like it was but still sort of nagging and making her tired. But she blew it off and took Motrin.
Now it's Wednesday and the headache is still there, and now that she is looking back she also had some nausea on Sunday night and it's kind of back again.
Now I'm getting really worried. Maybe I should have been worried right away.
Of course, googling "sudden headache with exercise" brings me to some scary potential diagnoses: Subarachnoid bleed. I'd thought of stroke in the first moments but those usually don't hurt and there was no weakness or facial changes. Oh, heck. What do I really know about stroke or brain bleeds?? I'm in REI! Not helpful.
So today I insisted that she needed to call her doctor. Thank goodness he's on the ball. He ordered a CT scan and she's there right now. And freaking out a little too.
God, I hope we're just fearing the worst and she'll be fine by tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Yay, the computer is back!

I have no idea why...but my computer decided to turn on again. I kept at it every day--turning the power on and off and all sorts of ways. And then...the whirring noise kept going instead of stopping. HURRAY! I've informed T and my brother that no one is to touch the "power" buttons and hopefully my home computer will have life for a long while. Or at least til after I've finished paying for my backyard re-do and have replenished my bank accounts. The next step is to get a garage sale going to and finish up the new "club house" for T. It's a slow process but it is making progress.
In the mean time, I really should do more research on what type/make of computer to get next time.
Any opinions out there? I've never used a MAC but I hear they are really nice for creating home movies (editing, etc). But maybe there is PC software now that makes it just as easy. I have no idea. But I have LOTS of home movies on tape that need to be transferred to DVD!
The guests from Holland have gone home. Boo hoo. I really liked those guys and it was so nice to get to know them--and through them, I now know more about my cousins (their mom and aunts) than I ever knew before. I have a new appreciation for a branch of my family tree that I never got the chance to know. I hope we get the chance to spend more time together--maybe the next time I visit Holland. Their last day with us, we all played tourist and went to San Francisco via BART train, rode the cable cars, walked all over Lombard Street, the Wharf, China Town, and many spots in between. T was poorly behaved for at least half the day--which embarrassed me tremendously. Maybe it was too much to ask of a 6 year old, but he seems to think he's 13 years old and has the attitude to match. I have searched Amazon and will be buying several books on raising boys and discipline--because what I've been doing isn't getting the results I need. I hope I'm not the only one with a "spirited" six year old. I guess I'm also fearful that others will see it as being a result of not having a father in the home. I have a need to show that my son is as well behaved as any other kid his age (maybe even better than most 6 year olds) just so I won't get that advice what what T really needs....
I've already gotten that kind of advice from well meaning friends--
"T really needs to get into sports."
"T needs more strict discipline."
"You're just too soft."
Or other statements that are even more direct.
"You really should start dating, so T can have a dad. He really needs one."
Match*com isn't panning out and I'm getting more anxious over it all.
One thing for sure. I do need help in understanding T's behaviour and helping to make better choices (I sound like a therapist, don't I?). Actually the language comes from exposure to the teachers at public school. :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm still alive...

Oops. I didn't mean to be so long since the last post.
We went camping for a week and then school started for T...and all the stuff you have to do for all takes up time.
The only real time I have to post and read other blogs is at work. It's highly discouraged and I was just reminded of that fact during the Annual Core Review that I completed today (a question specifically aimed to let you know how unLAWful it is, and against policy, etc and that one could be faced with dismissal or worse). Yikes.
My computer at home has been sick. It's expected. It's old. Apparently something in the start up/electrical connection thingy is dodgy. It used to be my habit that I turned it off completely when I was finished with it, but then I found that I sometimes couldn't get it to turn back on. And then, for no apparent reason, it would react to the fact that I pushed the "on" button and it whirred into action again. My computer guru guy said there is a part that is on the fritz and that if I get it to turn on, just keep it on. Fixing it would be cost and time prohibitive. The other option is to buy another computer. Ug. I don't need that expense right the decision to keep the computer forever humming was an easy one.
But T didn't know about all this. All was fine for a few months. He never touched the "on" button because it was always on. But yesterday, the monitor was in "sleep" mode and he thought the computer was off. So, cleverly, he took his little finger and pressed the "on" button--just as I was running towards him with my heart in my throat, to wiggle the mouse so that the picture would appear....but it was too late. That little finger was much quicker than I could ever be. And now the computer is OFF. And I can't get it to turn on matter what I do.
I keep thinking that this "fritz" thing will suddenly make contact again inside that box that is my computer tower and then it will make that beautiful whirring sound again. But so far... No.
So if I don't get to reading and posting while at work...then I'm out of luck. And I have SO many pictures I wanted to upload and share from our vacation.
Darn it!
I will try to be a better blogger and make myself known more often.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Staying Put

Ummm, no. I don't think I'll be moving after all.
The homes are roomier and beautiful and it really would be nice to move a little south and be nearer to some of my closest friends...but I really don't relish worrying over if I can cover the mortgage, paying for another 30 years (instead of paying off my current home in 10 or so years) and even if I could afford it monthly....the annual TAXES! Oh my. I really love working just 4 days a week--for me, but also to spend more time with my boy. And less time for my boy to be in daycare too. It was a nice reality check though. No...I'll just continue working on my backyard to create just what I dream of, maintaining my cozy little home, and stay just minutes from work and not too far from my ever-supportive parents and my bestest friend--my Mom.
Better to be happy with what I have, not fret over what I think I should have in comparison to what others appear to have accomplished (or collected).

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Going to a birthday party!

Today is my best friend's youngest son's 6th birthday. Their having a Star Wars Jedi party. As expected the invitation was WAY creative and spoke of special Jedi Training that would be disguised as a birthday party but really was a way to get those Jedi's the special training they needed to defend the Earth from the evil Sith. I wish I could come up with that stuff!
My friend J is a total blast to be around anyway...and the addition of a bunch of super excited 6 year olds will make it over the top!
PLUS! The house next door to them is for sale! Of course they're asking WAY too much, but it would be a dream to buy it and live in a place with lots of same age kids on the street, EXcellent public schools, and community swim pool (with a swim team to boot!) , a park down the street and a creek side paved pathway that goes on for miles to ride bikes, jog or just enjoy the outdoors and nature! Did I mention it's right next door to my dearest, and oldest friend?
Well, it's a dream...I don't think the sellers would ever come down to my maximum offer, but....if it's meant to be mine....who knows?
I'm just going to look at it.....