Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Yay, the computer is back!

I have no idea why...but my computer decided to turn on again. I kept at it every day--turning the power on and off and all sorts of ways. And then...the whirring noise kept going instead of stopping. HURRAY! I've informed T and my brother that no one is to touch the "power" buttons and hopefully my home computer will have life for a long while. Or at least til after I've finished paying for my backyard re-do and have replenished my bank accounts. The next step is to get a garage sale going to and finish up the new "club house" for T. It's a slow process but it is making progress.
In the mean time, I really should do more research on what type/make of computer to get next time.
Any opinions out there? I've never used a MAC but I hear they are really nice for creating home movies (editing, etc). But maybe there is PC software now that makes it just as easy. I have no idea. But I have LOTS of home movies on tape that need to be transferred to DVD!
The guests from Holland have gone home. Boo hoo. I really liked those guys and it was so nice to get to know them--and through them, I now know more about my cousins (their mom and aunts) than I ever knew before. I have a new appreciation for a branch of my family tree that I never got the chance to know. I hope we get the chance to spend more time together--maybe the next time I visit Holland. Their last day with us, we all played tourist and went to San Francisco via BART train, rode the cable cars, walked all over Lombard Street, the Wharf, China Town, and many spots in between. T was poorly behaved for at least half the day--which embarrassed me tremendously. Maybe it was too much to ask of a 6 year old, but he seems to think he's 13 years old and has the attitude to match. I have searched Amazon and will be buying several books on raising boys and discipline--because what I've been doing isn't getting the results I need. I hope I'm not the only one with a "spirited" six year old. I guess I'm also fearful that others will see it as being a result of not having a father in the home. I have a need to show that my son is as well behaved as any other kid his age (maybe even better than most 6 year olds) just so I won't get that advice what what T really needs....
I've already gotten that kind of advice from well meaning friends--
"T really needs to get into sports."
"T needs more strict discipline."
"You're just too soft."
Or other statements that are even more direct.
"You really should start dating, so T can have a dad. He really needs one."
Match*com isn't panning out and I'm getting more anxious over it all.
One thing for sure. I do need help in understanding T's behaviour and helping to make better choices (I sound like a therapist, don't I?). Actually the language comes from exposure to the teachers at public school. :)


Care said...

I get the feeling that our donor was a rather spirited six year old. And Connor is definately on the spirited side! I don't think the blame lies on our being single parents - because Noah never tried his limits or tested my patience like Connor can and does. I think personality, age, and things we can't control - like other kids at school and daycare, have a great deal of influence. I'm still working on the best way to discipline Connor - right now his Nintendo DS is his prized possession and so sometimes just the threat of losing his DS for a day or so helps - but not always. We've also re-started behavior charts - with positive behaviors getting check marks with a reward at the end of the week if they get so many check marks. The rewards vary - anything from getting to pick where we go out to eat or what dessert to make, or a trip to the zoo or splash park (but not toys - don't want to do that.) The positive reinforcement is really helping Connor in his interactions with his brothers.

Care said...

Oh, and on the dating....it can be so frustrating. I was ready to give up and close my eH and Y@hoo accounts when I met Gary. You never know when someone with potential might come along.


Yes, I agree with Care about the behavior thing. Boys will be boys. And, I look at some of the kids out there and feel VERY lucky in only have the behavior problems that I do. For the most part, E is really good, but he definitely has his moments. I do know that I need to feed him more. He is way worse when he's running on fumes. The problem is that he won't eat very many things. I, too, have tried the reward charts...mostly for getting dressed in the morning (which takes FOREVER!).

Okay, I don't know about you, but I want to hear more about this Gary guy! EH hasn't worked for me either...