Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm still alive...

Oops. I didn't mean to be so long since the last post.
We went camping for a week and then school started for T...and all the stuff you have to do for all takes up time.
The only real time I have to post and read other blogs is at work. It's highly discouraged and I was just reminded of that fact during the Annual Core Review that I completed today (a question specifically aimed to let you know how unLAWful it is, and against policy, etc and that one could be faced with dismissal or worse). Yikes.
My computer at home has been sick. It's expected. It's old. Apparently something in the start up/electrical connection thingy is dodgy. It used to be my habit that I turned it off completely when I was finished with it, but then I found that I sometimes couldn't get it to turn back on. And then, for no apparent reason, it would react to the fact that I pushed the "on" button and it whirred into action again. My computer guru guy said there is a part that is on the fritz and that if I get it to turn on, just keep it on. Fixing it would be cost and time prohibitive. The other option is to buy another computer. Ug. I don't need that expense right the decision to keep the computer forever humming was an easy one.
But T didn't know about all this. All was fine for a few months. He never touched the "on" button because it was always on. But yesterday, the monitor was in "sleep" mode and he thought the computer was off. So, cleverly, he took his little finger and pressed the "on" button--just as I was running towards him with my heart in my throat, to wiggle the mouse so that the picture would appear....but it was too late. That little finger was much quicker than I could ever be. And now the computer is OFF. And I can't get it to turn on matter what I do.
I keep thinking that this "fritz" thing will suddenly make contact again inside that box that is my computer tower and then it will make that beautiful whirring sound again. But so far... No.
So if I don't get to reading and posting while at work...then I'm out of luck. And I have SO many pictures I wanted to upload and share from our vacation.
Darn it!
I will try to be a better blogger and make myself known more often.


Wishing 4 One said...

Sorry to hear about your computer probs. I had a laptop like that once, well still have it, but gave it to my husband, LOL. Its better now, i had it reformatted and found it was software/operating system issues rather than hardware. (I bought myself a new one while I was home this spring, a great Toshiba laptop). So dont get in trouble at work, we wouldnt want to have to bail you out of jail for blogging or commenting. xoxoxoxoxo

cmay said...

Thanks. I'll try to keep my work time Internet time minimal. Ha!
Well, at least stay out of trouble.
If I have to buy a new one...oh my gosh. Which kind--PC or Mac? Tower or lap top? I'll have to do tons of research again!

Care said...

Oh no sorry about the computer issue! I have a refurbished IBM laptop (from when I used to work for them), and just recently bought Noah a Toshiba. His wasn't expensive (under $500) but really runs well. I know nothing about the Macs.