Monday, October 6, 2008

Big Test Coming Up

I'm studying my butt off.
Every day.
Trying to get new information to stick inside an old(er) head. :)
I sure hope I do OK. Tomorrow is the big test. I have to pass by 76% or I must take the test again, no sooner than 30 days later. Plus pay another $150 for the privilege.
The first test I had to take....I failed by 2% points. It was a shocker. But then I decided, well, it's character building. And if this was easy, anyone could do it. It will feel more like a HUGE accomplishment now.
But now I'm done with that. I just HAVE to pass. I don't have the time or energy to study for this test all over again.
I took some time out just now to call my cousin Meta. I tried calling many times yesterday because it was her 38th birthday. But I just got a busy signal. Weird, since my Dad was also having the same trouble in dialing any phone number for Holland. She sounded great and things are going well for her and her kids. The arrangement between her estranged husband and the caring of the kids seems to be very amicable and I'm so happy for that. I hope we check in with each other more often. I would love to know more about the daily happenings in her life. She's a wonderful human being. We clicked from the moment we met back in 1990 and we have a special bond that doesn't really need nurturing but feels good to experience every time we chat.
So, this morning I will study for an hour and then I get to volunteer for an hour in T's class. I don't know what I'll be doing, but I imagine the kids will be put into small groups and we'll work on writing, or reading or math skills. I'll let you know later.
Then I have to go to the hospital from 2 PM to 10 PM for another day in my preceptorship. I hope there is more for me to do so the time passes more quickly than it did last week. But it will be 8 more hours chipped away at the 105 hour goal!
Mom will be coming over at 1PM to watch T. It's a really nice arrangement for us. And I think Mom likes being here too.
Over the weekend, I purchased tickets for Dad to go to Holland for 4 weeks. He's jazzed to make a reunion that is happening with folks from the town where he grew up. And, honestly, Mom is super jazzed to have some peace and quiet around the house. :)
It's nice to have some "me" time for Mom. Especially since retirement-- he rarely leaves the house anymore. Time apart is a good thing.
Anyway...Gotta get studying!

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