Thursday, October 23, 2008

No go on the "forego" of diapers

Well, stars are powerful but not so much as to wake my boy in the middle of the night to go potty IN the potty, instead of the diaper.
Last night, at 3:30AM (wasn't sleeping too well myself), the diaper flooded and the bed had a nice big wet spot in it. I stripped him down, put a big towel underneath him and put a new diaper on--all while he slept.
In the morning he had a dry diaper on. Imagine that! I said, "Well, that doesn't really count because look at what happened to the first diaper and Mama's bed." He decided that was old news and what really counted is that the MORNING diaper was still dry. "You should be proud of me Mama, because I have a dry diaper." Oy. I countered that I was proud of him but the star cannot be earned when the starting out diaper was flooded through with pee." He tried to argue his point, but dropped it pretty quickly.
I think I'll put this off for a while and just praise like heck if we actually do get a dry diaper. It's apparently not the right time yet. And I don't want to make him anxious over it.
Thanks for the advice, Billy.
But the stars are still coming for the great "choices" he's making at school. We keep getting good notes about how well he's doing. Yay.
Today, all the kindergartners went on their first field trip. They are going to an outdoor park and will be learning about their 5 senses, eating a bag lunch and then returning by bus again. I loved field trips when I was in school. Hopefully everyone had a great time. Tonight we are going out for dinner at a restaurant that will give a portion of their profits to our school. Another way to fund raise. I've never been to this restaurant and it will be fun to go with other folks from school.
Mom's not feeling any better yet. I encouraged her to make an appointment with the same doctor (she really liked her) and let her know the antibiotics may not be working. We'll see how things go. She's planning to get her hair done tomorrow--something that lifts her spirits, so I hope she'll be able to drive herself to the appointment and also watch T after school. She says she's up to it.

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Billy said...

Glad to hear the stars are helping with his behaviour at school! And the field trip sounds fun :-).
I loved your response to his request for a star - yes I am proud of you, no you could not get a star. So maybe now's not the time, but I'm sure it won't be long until he stays dry all night.
And hope your mother feels better soon.