Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Second Tooth Lost!

Well, not really lost...just out. :)
T's second little tooth came out on October 3 while at school. The "big" tooth was already coming through behind it so now that the baby tooth is out, there's not much of an "empty" space there. The teacher saved it in an envelope and that night the tooth fairy came. She found him, even though we were staying over Oma and Opa's house! In the morning he found a special gold $1 coin with a picture of John Adams on it, inside a silver box. At first he was disappointed since it wasn't a "green" dollar. I forgot to mention ahead of time how special gold dollars were. But he's liking it now. We have a special card (that we bought at the recent school fund raiser) to put in all the presidential $1 coins and this is our first in the collection.
I wonder when the top "two front teeth" will come out. Hopefully together because I think it's so cute to see a toothless grin for a little while. Maybe by Christmas?? So he can sing "All I Want For Christmas" with a big lisp! Yep! Gonna get that on video, for sure!!

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