Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Peer Pressure

Yesterday I was unpacking T's lunch bag--usually a few empty zip lock bags and a slightly sticky tumbler cup where his juice used to be. But this time the juice cup was totally full. He generally loves his juice (I often make it 50-50 with juice and water to cut down on sugar content) so it surprised me to find it untouched. It was a brand new beautiful new bright orange color (his choice) cup with a screw on lid. There was a hole in one side of the lid to suck out the drink. I got him this new "big kid" type cup because a few weeks ago he told me that "sippy cups" were for babies. That's what I used to send his drinks in at the beginning of the school year. I was sure this new perspective on sippy cups had come from the other kids at school. I thought this new cup, without the obvious big mouth spout, would be acceptable.
But, no.
When I asked why he didn't drink his juice, he said he was "too shy about having a sippy cup and he didn't want to the other kids to see it." I felt bad for him. Someone's making fun of him and he felt embarrassed. Kids will always find something. Darn it. And it's a beautiful tumbler! Oh well, we'll just have to use it at home. I told him we'd find a "big boy thermos where he can pour his own drink into a cup." He seemed quite happy with that and chimed in, "Yeah, for BIG boys!"
Today, I packed a little juice box with his lunch. I think that's acceptable to the kids since most of them drink from them. I gotta stay in touch with what's cool--to a five year old, and every year after that!

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