Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Awesome Power of Star Stickers

On Monday, I reminded T that I'd hope we could put a sticker on his chart for good behavior at school. He already got to put some stars on the squares for brushing his teeth and putting his plates/cups in the kitchen after eating, and getting dressed by himself. He was so excited to earn the stars!
On Mondays I volunteer in the class for an hour (the last hour of class). When I got there T was happy to see me and eager to show me how good he was behaving. When some of the boys were fighting over some toys/games, he was sure to stand up and wave his arms in telling them "No fighting. No fighting." All the while looking sideways at me to make sure I was seeing him trying to instill order and not being part of the disorder. The teacher said, right away, that T was making lots of good choices all day long. That's my boy!
When we got home, he got to put a star in the space next to that expectation/task. He was so proud. And me too.
I decided to add underneath that task, "Dry Diaper!!" He still wets his diaper at night about 75% of the time. He says he tries but I still can't get him to wake up and go pee in the potty. I've limited fluids in the evening, made him pee just before bed, but still, it's an issue. Hopefully, wanting to wrack up stars will be an incentive for him to want to try harder.
Last night, he woke up and went pee at 12:30AM....but still woke up in the morning with a slightly used diaper. Shoot. Well, we'll keep trying.
But on the positive side, he earned another good behavior sticker from Mrs. V at school!

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Billy said...

As I commneted on last post - I do hope this chart helps, but my gut feeling says not to change too many things at once. I would stick to the original plan and focus on his (mis)behaving at school. Only later on would I tackl the wetting issue. Just a thought.