Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Moving along...

Yesterday I took the last of the scheduled tests and PASSED. Hurray. I'm happy that part is over with. But now I've got several other projects I need to complete before my big day for the oral test: December 1. Yikes. It scares me to death. It will be over the phone, but still, it's nerve wracking.
Mom is feeling TONS better now, thank goodness. She watched T after school yesterday so I could do some more hours for my preceptorship. I spent the day in a skills lab testing the students and then giving evaluations (with their instructor) on how they did for the past 6 weeks. These students will now go into the pediatrics area of study and other half of Quarter 3 students come from pedi to OB. It was a good day and lots more fun that hanging around in the hospital waiting for students to need me. We finished early after the evaluations, so I took the opportunity to go shopping! I bought 4 pairs of shoes! Yikes! It was a load of money, but I do appreciate a well made shoe, and I rationalized that a) I deserved a treat for doing well on my test and b) I kinda needed new shoes for the winter months, and c) I'm worth it! Then I went to mom's house and she treated us all (my brother came over too) to a nice dutch meal of brussel sprouts, boiled potatoes, and meatballs. Yum.
Oh, yeah. And I'm going to need surgery soonish. Last week I had an ultrasound of my thyroid done. Two years ago I discovered a mass on my thyroid. The thyroid function is normal and the mass has been biopsied twice with benign results with no further growth in size. But this time the ultrasound indicated that the mass has grown to twice its size (5.5 cm in one dimension) and so now either I can have a fine needle aspiration again, or have the entire nodule removed. I opted for the latter. I'd be afraid with an FNA that they might miss a portion of the mass and not get a good sampling. On November 19 I get a consultation with the surgeon ( I picked the best one I know of) and then likely a scheduling for surgery to remove the mass. As vain as I am, I'm actually more worried about the scar afterward. I scar badly and tend to make keloids. But, I gotta do what I gotta do. (pray it's not cancer!) Maybe I'll start wearing ribbon choker necklaces if it looks horrid. OR, just display my new scar as one more battlefield mark in this adventure we call life! Yea, that's the ticket!


Billy said...

Glad to hear you passed the test! Good luck in the oral test in Dec.
Glad your mother is feeling better, and hope the surgery will go well.

cmay said...

Thank you Billy.