Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Don't Make Waves...

Last Friday night, as I was leaving from work (at 7PM, typical for a Friday) I realized my wallet was missing. I'm not panicking because I'm pretty sure I left it at home, and besides, wouldn't a robber have taken the cards and money and not the whole wallet?? Somehow I felt better that the whole wallet was missing and not just the stuff inside it. I stopped by my house on the way to my mom's. (T was already there as my mom picked him up from school, the usual routine on Fridays.) When I got home, I found my wallet wasn't there, and then realized I might have left it at work inside a bag that I use to do specialized Xrays. Hopefully, it would be there. If it was there, it would be safe, but now I wouldn't have my wallet to go grocery shopping or get gas. While at my house I checked phone messages: a message from T's teacher: something about a behavior problem at school. Darn. That doesn't sound good.
As I was driving to my mom's, I realized it doesn't take that much for me to feel like the world is falling apart and crashing down around my knees. I must be living with my nose just about the water line. Any little wave or glitch in my routine and everything feels out of control. I take note of this fact and keep on driving, telling myself that all will work out in the next couple of days. I can only focus on today's issues and not look too far into the future for what's required of me. Otherwise, I get overwhelmed.
I arrive at my mom's and it's kinda late. T is yawning and ready for bed, plus my mom looks like hell and I feel I need to be there for her and take care of her. I feel bad about my mom watching him because she's been pretty sick with a nasty cough and body aches. It doesn't seem to be getting any better for the past week.

During the night my mom can't stop coughing. I tried to do what I could. She'd already taken the Nyquil and rubbed Vicks over her throat and chest. I gave her an inhaler to help with inflammation (but it's not for immediate help and needs a few days to make a difference) and some cough drops to soothe the constant tickle in her throat. It seems to help in spacing out the coughing spells but I've resolved to call in the morning to have her evaluated by a doctor.

Next morning, I get the appointment for my mom. She called me later to tell me she has pneumonia. Sheesh. First, my brother in August. Then, my dad gets bronchitis a few weeks ago. Now this. Fortunately, they gave her some medications and hopefully in 2-3 days she'll be feeling much better. T's teacher called me and explained there was a problem with T hitting or kicking the other kids during play time outside. Inside the classroom, all was fine, but outside they always do a chasing type of game that escalates into pushing and kicking. I told her that T knows that is unacceptable behavior and I don't know what I can do when I'm not there. So the plan was that I was to reinforce that Mrs V would be watching him during the day and would tell me if he behaved badly or made good choices. I bought a chart at the store called "My chores" with different headings for tasks and boxes to place stickers if a good job was done. In one of the empty spaces I wrote: Good report from Mrs. V.

We'll see how this chart helps with reinforcing and praising good behavior. He seems excited.

Oh, and I stopped by work on Saturday, and retrieved my wallet (intact) from the bag I'd put it in. Whew. One catastrophe avoided.


Billy said...

Hope the chart helps reinforcing good behaviour!
And I'm happy you found your wallet intact.

Care said...

I'm glad your wallet turned up!

I hear you on the behavior issues. This morning was Connor's evaluation with the developmental psychologist. I won't find out what she thinks as far as dx until the next appt in November. I was telling the Dr this morning about how certain strong behavior traits seem to be present in a number of boys especially in our group. I keep telling myself that these traits which drive me crazy now, may be just forerunners of some strong leadership traits in the future. (Or so I can hope!)