Sunday, September 7, 2008

quotes and commentary

Here's some interesting things T has related to me this week:

1. Frequent quizzing on addition and subtraction. What's 100 plus 2? What's 13 plus 16? What's 20 plus 20 plus 20? And on and on. And he almost always gets it right. He uses his fingers often, but I don't get how he does so well when he goes above anything over the number of fingers he has.

2. On being asked what's your favorite (anything). "Well, lets do eeny meeny miny moe, get a body let him go, one, two, three, four, five and your are it." (LOVE his version...) First he wants to know what MY favorite is and then he'll choose to be alike or different from my choice. There's a politician brewing here.

3. On playing tag in the yard. Of course he makes up the rules as we go and the "vase" (his word for base) changes depending on what he can get to. Then from across the lawn he implored me to "Wait! Wait, wait,wait, wait, wait.", as he walked towards me to explain how this bit of the game would go. I stood there and looked at him with a moment of silence and then said with a sarcastic grin, "I heard you the first time." He looks up at me inquisitively and incredulously and asks, "You didn't hear me the second time?" LOLOLOL! So I explained that what I meant was I HEARD you the first time, no need to say it a second, third, etc time. Ai yai yai. Nothing like a new perspective on an old cliche. lol.

4. I gave my cat a shower and T watched with curiosity--and mocking him at his obvious discomfort with the whole thing. After it was done he decided he wanted to jump in with me (it's a big shower with a bench on one wall). While soaping up as he was standing on the bench he starts to slip and slide his tummy onto mine--and as usual we make a mini game out of it. Then he stops, and looks at my chest. He places his hands on his own tiny nipples and informs me that his boobies are growing (with a bit of glee, I might add). I assured him they won't grow now or in the future. They only grow for girls, not boys. He stops and thinks. Then looks me square in the eyes and says, "No, Mama. Look at Opa." LOL. I had no leg to stand on with that argument! Opa loved that story (that was a bit of sarcasm too ;) ).

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