Friday, September 5, 2008

Still searching for a preceptor

Well, it's Friday and still no word on whom my preceptor for my practicum will be. I have until next Friday to get a preceptor, sign the contracts and meet to decide on how I'll get the hours logged. I sent an email to the director of nursing of the nearest community college that has a nursing program. I kept the letter short and sweet but definitely let her know I was in a hurry to find someone. I figured she might be interested in the relationship I'd be building with their department as this master's degree would qualify me to be a teacher in their program. And from what I've read, it's a huge need--more faculty members so that they can let in more students. The nursing shortage will continue unless we can graduate more nurses. So many applicants get denied into a program due to the lack of teachers. I'll check my work email tomorrow and if I don't hear anything, printed all the phone number of every faculty member in the nursing department and make individual pleas. I could also contact the 2 year college I attended but it's much farther to drive out there and as I'll be having to go there to get my 105 hours completed--lots of extra time and gas to get it done there.
Since my master's degree is in nursing with a focus on education, it makes sense to go to academics to get the preceptorship done, but as a last resort I'm going to also contact the Health education department at my work. They might be able to do the job. I just think it might be more difficult to write the papers I'm going to have to write on my experiences.
Today, the neighbors picked up T from school and took him swimming with their daughter (also in the same kindergarten class). They fed him lunch (well, I packed one for him) and they played well together in the water (even though, apparently, the water was a bit cold). Then they fed him dinner (burritos) and took him along with their daughter to the Ice Cream Social at school. I tried to get out of work as quickly as possible but still stayed over time 30 minutes. I got there a little late but the party was still in full swing. The kids were all having a ball! And the parents were milling about and mingling while keeping one eye on their kids. The weather was hot but cooling off. Perfect for the ice cream sundaes they were making. Within minutes I saw one of my patients there with her son and then another guy recognized me. He and I used to swim together in the Master's program at lunch time. (Ah...good times, they were. 10 guys in a lane and me. I loved the attention! I swam until the day I broke my water. Then life...changed...) They also had a school uniform swap and you could bring uniforms that kids out grew and pick through the piles for anything in the desired sizes. Since it's out first year, we have nothing to swap so I just looked though and found a pair of shorts that would fit T. When he outgrows what we have, I'll give it up for the smaller kids. Kind of nice to save money on the uniforms and be supportive of those in our school.
It was as close to a Norman Rockwell scene as I've ever had.
Pray I'll get a nibble SOON on finding a preceptor.

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