Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The next home remodel project!

My house in 2003 after the remodel but before I hung the green shutters and painted the front door green.

Last Monday I called my old contractor Jack and had him take a look at what I planned to do next. I still need to replace the old drafty windows in my room and the back bedroom, plus the original bathroom and the 2 square picture windows on either side of the fireplace. I didn't do it before with the remodel in 2003 because I was trying to save money and figured I'd do it when I paid off all the expenses I had at the time. Well, now that time has come!
When I added the bathroom to the front of my bedroom I found I had much less light than I used to have (since I removed the old window in order to add the bathroom). So instead of going with just a replacement for the old window I want to remove the old window and add 2 smaller windows on each end of the wall (with plenty of wall space for a bed to go up against in between). Then remove the 4 x 4 foot window (the standard window in most of my rooms) in the back bed room and put in a 2 x 4 foot double hung window. While the wall is being destroyed to install the windows they will insulate it and update the electric system exposed. The hall bathroom and picture windows will also be replaced with double paned windows. And if I can afford it this time, I'll move the existing 5 foot French door slider into the back bedroom where the 2nd 4 x 4 foot window is and install a SIX foot French door into the dining room area. It's always kind of bugged me that the slider looks so small in that space. More light into the house will be nice too. So that's the project.
Jack called me a couple days ago and said it would cost me $6400 for the window project without moving the slider. If I want to do the slider job too, tack on another $4500. Ouch. Well, I knew it would be a pretty penny. Having all new double paned windows is high on my list of things to do, especially with the colder months coming soon. And I love that I'll be insulating the wall (which catches all the afternoon heat). Apparently, in 1948 insulation was not a consideration when building homes!
I'm going to have to dip into my vacation funds to get it done. I won't have to use those funds until next Spring time (when I have to be ready for my niece's special trip that will take place next summer). Hopefully I'll make enough back to buffer up that savings account. In a pinch, my parents said they would loan me the money so that I won't run short on any of the needs that might come up.
Oh, and my last on-line class in getting my master's degree starts today. It's just like me to pile up all kinds of things to do so I feel like I've just barely got my nose just above the water line. Why do I do this to myself, repeatedly?? I think I must operate best on a schedule that requires a little panic and adrenalin mix.....

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