Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hitting is not allowed

Yesterday while at work, I got a call from the CDC. My first thought was "What?! The Centers for Disease Control are calling ME?" But then I realized (with all the kids yelling in the background) that it was the Child Development Center where T goes for after school child care. Apparently T was hitting kids and then claiming it was "an accident". The care giver told T if he did it one more time, his mom was going to be called. Hence, the phone call.
I told her I couldn't say why he was hitting since he knows that's unacceptable behavior. She put T on the phone (and I could overhear he didn't want to talk to me) but as soon as he got on the phone I could hear (and just picture it too) crocodile tears and he was crying about how he missed me. It just broke my heart. It was 4PM and I couldn't leave work for another 1 1/2 hours. I tried to calm him down and ask that he not hit anyone anymore. It was all blubbering after that and I couldn't understand him. Poor guy. Either he was really having a hard time being in the CDC that day or he was totally snowing me and using his best acting skills to manipulate my actions towards him. I'll never know for sure, but the latter is a big possibility. And even if I could get someone to pick him up early, or some how get myself there so he could leave the CDC, he'd be learning that all he has to do is be a "naughty boy", cry a bit and then get he'll get his way.
It's a learning process-- on my end, as well as his.
When I picked him up at 5:40 he was his normal self. And then he threw a marble at the counselor's head. He was told not to by the counselor, but I made him officially apologize for doing that.
AND, if I hear that he hits anyone or throws anything--no ice cream for him. That's a big deal, because he loves his ice cream desserts after dinner! We'll see how this motivates him in, hopefully, the right direction.

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Care said...

Shades of Connor! He has been very bad with the hitting lately, and I think it is partly out of frustration, and partly for attention. So far the only "currency" that works is to take away the Wii and Nintendo DS. I just hope this is a phase that ends soon!