Sunday, September 7, 2008

A day at the art and wine festival

Today Mom came over and after shopping at the dutch pastry shop and Costco, we went to Castro street Art and Wine festival. It was huge...and HOT. The weather was at least 100 degrees. And with that many people milling around booths, beer and kabobs, it got tiring. There was all kinds of neat stuff to look at but none of it was a "must have". Sometimes I can find something interesting for a Christmas gift. But not this time. Still, it was nice to share an ice cream with my favorite son and mom...and a grape/bubblegum flavored shaved ice....and a cold soda.

The best part for all of us was the kid's area where they had rides and slides--for a price. But I can't dwell on the money spent when you see the look of utter glee spread out over T's face. I will look at those photos and be glad I let him have his fun. No matter how much money they relieved from my wallet.

Later we went to the mall near my home to hit the food court for dinner. Mom and my favorite is the burritos at Rubios--we get one and split it. And T, of course, never veers from his usual order--Sbarro's slice a pizza kids meal. And a McDonald's vanilla soft ice cream cone. Mom did very well, considering this was the first day she's been out of the house since she came down with whatever viral crud she caught from my brother after our camping trip. We had to take frequent breaks but she managed to enjoy herself.

T was thoroughly happy and told me repeatedly all evening how lucky we were to have each other.


And hugs and kisses and cuddles. I love my 5 year old. Can he please stay this way forever?

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