Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Little catch up

My nephew J, with T and I.

My nephew J on is eighth birthday party at Iceland ice rink.

Helping with a little slip.

Playing together on the ice--J, T and me.

Last Sunday, T, my mom and I went to Iceland (no, not the country! lol) for my nephew's 8th birthday party. We had a family party last weekend but this was the one with his friends. And since I have a son who likes to ice skate, we were invited too. It was a lot of fun. First there was pizza and ice cream cake and then 3 hours of ice skating! T did so well last time (about 6 months ago, his second experience at it) that I thought he'd probably be fine without me being on the ice with him. But no. He was not having fun hanging on the wall and was too small to catch the eye of any of the 8 year old friends from his cousin. So I got on some skates and held on to him for the next hour. He was getting better slowly but still watching all the other kids or seeing if Oma was watching him to get the hang of skating at all. Then...I was slowly skating backwards (slowly, because I'm not very good at skating!) and T let go of the wall and with a steely eyed stare into my eyes he skated all the way to me! We kept doing that, concentrating on him looking only at me while he skated towards me. And that was all he needed to learn how to ice skate. We went for longer and longer treks towards me, and then he could do it all by himself. But still would get side tracked and need to see who was around or looking at him. He was constantly looking around for Oma or anyone he knew to look at him skate. Afterwards, he asked if we could go skating every day, because he really likes it. I said, we'll go again pretty soon...
We had dinner at my sister and brother-in-law's home and it was nice hanging out with the family. My nephew got a few more presents and really seemed to enjoy the books and pok-e-mon trading cards he received.
Yesterday was my first day in the hospital with my preceptor and nursing students. First I got a ID badge for the hospital and then we met before the shift started (at 2PM) to discuss expectations and assignments. There are 3 areas: maternity, nursery, and Labor and Delivery (L&D). I was pretty much hanging around maternity in support of any of the students there. My preceptor came by once in a while but mainly spent her time in nursery and L&D. I got to help the nurses with administering oral medication, IM shots, discontinuing a foley catheter and getting a post cesarean patient up the the bathroom and cleaning her up. The initial shift exams were given together with their assigned nurse. It was kinda cool. So neat to see the nervousness and excitement in their faces when they do something new. And then that great sense of accomplishment when they've done it right. It's confidence being built right before my eyes. I'm happy I get a hand in supporting these little steps in creating a really good nurse. But it was also a little boring. Not enough for me to do. And I don't know their computer system so I couldn't help with that part.
This Thursday I will attend the theory lecture from 10:30 to 2:30 and after that I will go to an Administrative meeting for the nursing department. Little by little chipping away at the 105 hours that I have to do.
I read an email from my practicum instructor asking when I will be sending her my journal entry and hours completed. What!? I didn't know I was supposed to do that. I have to re-read the paper work again on all the assignments that I have to do.
Just when I thought I had it down. Darn it.
So far the studying for the next test...coming on Oct 7...is going well. I know more than I ever did before on Nursing Research (and lots of research terminology)!

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