Thursday, March 5, 2009

Coming to a close...

Wow, the past 4 weeks has just FLOWN by!
But in that time I did a bunch:
1. Had half my thyroid removed along with a benign tumor. Bub-bye troublesome bubble-in-the-neck.
2. Recovered from surgery.
3. Replaced the broken backyard fence.
4. Painted my bedroom and master bath, with mom's help ;).
5. Touch up painted where ever needed in the rest of the house.
6. Re-caulked my bath tub.
6. Rearranged furniture in the living room and bedrooms, and switched area rugs around for a totally new and fresh feel to the house. For no money! Yay!
7. Created a "play room" for T.
8. Started up T-ball season and purchased T's first baseball uniform. SO cute! Pictures are this Saturday with opening ceremonies.
9. Replaced my old (very old and broken!) water softener and added a reverse osmosis filter system in the kitchen. Our water sucks and was in dire need of help.'s darn yummy!
10. Bought a pair of new shoes for myself.
11. Admired my gorgeous daffodils.
12. Sewed 3 tea cozies (one for my sister, mom and myself).
13. Ordered replacement shutters for the front window (the old ones were WAY weather beaten and too much work to restore).
14. Washed my car. OK...I HAD it washed, but still. It's done.
15. Had my taxes done.
16. Replaced the lighting fixtures in the master bath--sort of forced to due to the accidental breaking of one of the glass shades (and can't find any replacements in the required size).
17. Cooked some pretty awesome dinners for T and myself.
18. Placed some items for sale on Crai*g's List (haven't sold any, but at least I tried).
19. Continued to volunteer in T's classroom AND attended a meeting about next year's school budget and creating priorities for too little money.
20. Admired my daffodils...again.
21. Trimmed and shaped my trees.
22. Washed all my windows. OK... again, I HAD it done. But I sure do appreciate how beautiful my views are now!
23. Uploaded all the pictures from my camera into my computer and started to label them.
24. Repaired a sock and a pair of sweat pants for T.
25. Had all my teeth "root planed" to remove the "barnacles" living below the gum line. Next month I should have very happy gums gleefully hugging each and every tooth.
26. Watched 4 Net*flix movies. That's pretty good, since it took me over 6 months to finally watch Ladder 49 (but school stuff always put that one off).

All that, in addition to weekly library trips to get more books for reading with T, races and game playing with T, and all the other "normal" stuff that life requires, or I just plain choose to do.

That's quite a bit for being post surgery, now isn't it?? Good thing I only had about 4 days of real discomfort. If I ever need surgery again, I'm going with the same doc. She was AWESOME and totally gets needing some R&R before heading back to the usual grind.
T and I really enjoyed ourselves.
Today, I'm going to see Slu*mdog Millionaire with my mom and and my friend Mel.
And this weekend I might have my sister and her daughters over for a slumber party. I'm saving the newest Net*flix movie for the occasion: Pursuit of Happyness.
Life is good!
And I'm ready to start back to work next Tuesday! Good thing I wrote all my passwords down before I left. You know you've had a worthy vacation from work if it's been solid enough to forget your passwords. I can only remember one of the four--so that's a good sign!


Wishing 4 One said...

Wow thats ALOT of things- good for you! What is a tea cozie? Sounds cool and I am thinking it is something for a tea cup?

cmay said...

Hi! Thanks for posting! I love reading your blog on your adventures.
A tea cozy is like an insulated (using batting--the stuff you put inside an accent pillow for, say, a couch) hat that you plop on top of the tea pot to keep the tea warmer for longer. And it usually sits in a basket lined with an insulated bottom. They could be any shape, but usually sort of cone shaped or rectangular, depending on if your tea pot is round or oblong/oval.