Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Fence. Check!

Yay! I have a new back yard fence! And the neighbors even agreed to the 12" topper (double lattice) so I don't have to peek into their kitchen anymore. Not to mention that the 8 foot gaping hole is no longer there! It almost feels "un-neighborly" to put the fence up and prevent any communication by easily putting my foot/leg/body over and through the failing fence. But now we have exchanged our phone numbers and I've also offered to keep an eye on their home while they go on an extended vacation overseas--which they seemed to appreciate. We split the bill 50/50 and she even brought us over some homemade chocolate chip cookies. Having good neighbors is priceless. And you know what they say, "Good fences, make good neighbors." So, by that stance, we should become even better friends.
Funny, I hadn't really thought of my spending money as being good for the economy but yesterday I could clearly see that my plunking down a large check would be allowing Fence-Man Juan the ability to cut checks for his hard-working crew, and a better day-to-day life for many people that rely on them.
I feel good about that. Now I just have to juggle a little money from one account to cover the check I wrote (or it would assuredly bounce!).
On the downside, T had a pretty significant asthma attack two nights ago, despite my starting with the inhalers as soon as the cough arrived. At least I was able to calm him (with inhalers and Tylenol for the fever) and get the breathing rate to less than 30/minute (and no wheezing or laboring) and he fell asleep 2 hours later. Of course it always happens around 2AM. I'm very thankful we didn't have to go the the ER. Last night it was nearly as bad, but he slept most of the night (as long as I was crammed next to him in his twin sized "big boy bed").
Now, on to prepping my bedroom for painting! And a birthday party for T's friend from school.
I'm looking forward to another day where I can scratch something off my list. Soooo exciting!

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