Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some Success

Hey, yesterday's blog note was a nice way to focus my efforts on what needs doing.
Actually there were a few things I didn't write down that were on the list in my mind.
Yesterday, I called and arranged for 2 quotes to replace the backyard fence that's been falling apart for the last 10 years. This morning I had a third one. Now I have enough information to present to my neighbors to chose which company and what type of fence (6 foot or 7 foot--with or without lattice). I'd like the extra privacy so I don't have to look at their kitchen and bedroom windows (and I'm assuming they can see into mine). But it's an extra expense, so maybe they don't want to. I'm totally OK with any fence, just as long as it's standing straight up and no boards are missing!
Then I spot cleaned the chair I intend to sell and also the living room and T's bedroom carpet. The living room one really needs to be professionally cleaned but for now it will do.
I also trimmed my orange tree and hope that by removing the very top branches (that weren't producing fruit) that more energy will go into sweetening up the bazillion oranges on there now. They are beautiful and look ripe but the taste is more like a lemon than an orange. The look on T's face when he bit into it was priceless. And he still wanted to suck on it. Blech. He really likes tangy stuff. It was a little too much for me! Let's hope that a bit more time and sun will make them yummy. I also cleared off all the tree crud that's been building on the backyard shed and cleared out the gutters. I was mortified to find a few weeds had been growing on the back side that were over a foot high! What must my neighbors have thought! The roof is really old and half rotted in places (wood shake do that eventually!) but the tree crud build-up makes the process go that much faster. And I'm not quite ready to plunk down the money for a new roof for my home and backyard sheds just yet. Probably a project for next year.
I also trimmed the rosemary bush and English Ivy plants in the backyard. And then the gardeners showed up (typically mow and blow guys but they do trim my rose bushes once a year) and they removed the large piles of greenery I'd built AND asked if I had any fertilizer. Well, of course I did! So he fertilized the front and back lawns too. Yay! One more thing off my lengthy inside-my-brain list.
My mom came by later in the day and I recruited her to help me prepare and then paint my bedroom. I mean, I could have done it on my own, but it's WAY more fun to paint with someone else. Plus she's got all the supplies and lots of experience in painting. Her arthritic fingers don't let her do all she wants to do, but I hope to have her do mostly light work and keep me company. She loves to do this kind of thing too. It gets her out of the house and makes her feel useful--and capable of doing what she wants. She's a stubborn sort. And very, very patient. Waaaaay more patient than I could ever be. I wish I had that virtue. She's also a perfectionist. I have that quality in small amounts but she won't finish a project until it's PERFECT. She's amazing.
Anyway, back to the fence. I got the courage to walk through the fence and knock on the back door but just as I was about to, he opened it and said he'd tried to visit last night to talk about fence quotes. He said mine were lower than his and he seemed willing to get this project going. He'll talk it over with his wife and if all is good, the work may start on Monday. Unfortunately, it's been pretty rainy and I think Sunday another storm is blowing in. Today would have be perfect weather for outside work. Oh well. I'm just really glad it's going to be done. Now, to find the money! I know it's in a bank account somewhere. Honestly, I've been a little fearful to check out how much is left in savings after all this economic downturn crap. I'm worth about 47% less than I used to be. Dammit.
The neighbors phoned and asked if they could pick up T with their daughter from after-school care and so he was happily playing in the neighborhood with a few kids when I returned from the nursery. Mom and I went there to do a little detective work on a plant that has been growing in my sister's home. They had rented it out for a few years and now have moved back in (after losing their big beautiful home in a short sell due to crazily rising mortgage payments). She has a "honey bush" and even though the foliage is nice, it's a little leggy and not as beautiful as something else she will eventually pick out. She'll be yanking it out shortly. But now she knows what she's yanking on! lol
I love my neighbors and feel much more in touch since 3 of T's classmates live around the block. Too bad they don't live ON my block, but still, close enough. It felt nice to stand around with 3-4 of the parents, watching the kids play and laughing about nothing in particular.
Having been so busy, I forgot to plan for dinner and Rou*nd Table Pizza sounded SO good. So we piled in the car and made our way to dinner. T ate THREE pieces and even ate the green peppers and the crust too! He's growing up so fast! After he finished eating, a girl of 7 or 8 years old saw him pretend-play with the electronic games in the corner and she put 2 quarters in to let him play. I was so surprised that the game was actually going and he was working the "race car". In all my year, no stranger ever gave me money so I could play a game. I thanked her profusely and T said, "Thanks" like it was no biggie. Actually he said thanks many more times after we left. So I think the soft spoken "thanks" was more shyness than anything. He's really cautious around "big kids"--anyone in 1st grade or more. It's a good thing, but can also make you a target for any potential bully. We've already had a few little problems at his after school care but have been able to address the kids and their attitudes so far.
Well, I've got to finish the 2 loads of washing I've started and then begin filling holes and cracks in the walls.

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