Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One Week Done, Three To Go

Well, it's been a week since my surgery. I felt sort of out of it for about 3 days and every day since has been easier. I was so excited to have this time off work to really get some things accomplished, but a week has flown by and NOTHING has been done yet. I had all these ideas on what I could do with this time: go to the snow (but it's actively snowing this week and I will not try to brave the roads--learned that lesson the hard way), paint my room (reeealy tired of the pea green color), touch up the walls and trim with paint in the rest of the house, trim the orange tree, sew 3 tea cozies--my sister, mom and myself, darn a sock and a pair of sweat pants for T, trade two large area rugs in my bedrooms (a new look instantly!), take pictures and post various items that T doesn't play with on Craig*s List, clean out my garage and have a mini garage sale to lighten the load of all baby boys clothes I was unable to separate myself from earlier, de-clutter my small living space in general (which includes removing and rearranging furniture, and replacing my HUGE old TV with a sleek flat screened TV, post and sell my recliner chair on Craig*s List, wash the windows, have my living room rug cleaned, clean T's bedroom rug myself, and at least start a memory book for either the story of my son's creation OR my niece's trip to NYC and Paris (almost 2 years ago now!). Just a few things, but I'm feeling a huge lack of focus and energy. Part of my delay is just getting out from under the side effects of the darvocet and part of it is that T has had an extra 2 days off school (Lincoln's bday and President's day), so I spent more time playing with him. Not that I'm complaining! That's golden time, but in the back of head, the various projects/items are still tapping my on my shoulders, head, neck, and making me itch in general.
Plus, the items I need to sell (in great economic times, I'd have probably given them away, but now I'm trying to be smarter about this) have to be done without T's knowledge. He has a melt down when he sees me remove anything that has always been here and belongs to him. He still keeps asking about the pink scooter (we still have 2 other more boyish type scooters) we gave to the neighbor girl and when we'll be getting it back. So this time off work, while he's at school is an excellent time for that. I keep saying that to myself to motivate myself to DO IT. But so far, my in-action just makes for a little queasiness and a dull head ache sets in.
But now that I've just created an actual list of things I want to do...I'll print it and gleefully mark things off as I accomplish a few items! I love making lists--just so I can cross things off and feel successful!
Last night I made a recipe I saw on the cooking channel--curried coconut shrimp appetizers. Actually it turned out to be our entire dinner. Too much work to make any side dishes! It was pretty good, but I think I should have actually written down the recipe before attempting it. I think I had too much coconut and not enough bread crumbs because it didn't want to stick to the tiger shrimp too well (even double dipping into the egg white did little). T helped too and we had a great time doing it. But I had to let some control go on how much (or little) the coating was on the little fishies. Otherwise I would have ended up re-doing all T's efforts. And he was so proud to help. But they they looked fabulous after baking--all toasted and crispy! Next time, I'll follow the actual recipe and see how much better they can be.

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