Monday, March 23, 2009

Doin' It Together

Due to no energy or motivation, or whatever...I hadn't worked out since last Wednesday and suddenly it was Sunday morning. I needed to do something or it would be a week gone with only 2 workouts completed. So, I hoisted T's bike in the car, got my running gear on and we drove to the creek trail (about 5 miles from our house). This trail is well used by anyone looking for some quality time outside to walk, run, or ride (a bike). There are beautiful wild flowers, a paved path with a par course, a creek along side the path and a kid's playground with a bona-fide merry-go-round (the kind you push yourself and then jump on for a dizzying ride). Those are harder to find due to potential injuries to the kids (and law suits to the city), I guess. T was totally jazzed to run with me, but he wanted to run too. Ug. That was hard. To convince him to ride along side me, while I ran. But he was OK as long as he got a chance to run at some point along the trail. I thought we'd go 15 minutes out and then turn around and make our way back--where the super-cool playground would be waiting for us.
It went great! T did ride a little too far ahead, but he learned to wait for me every here-and-there. He also finally mastered the rule of riding on the right side of the trail and to use his little bell to warn walkers that he was going to pass them. He also loved to stop at the par course stations and attempt to do whatever exercise he could make up with the rings or bars that were there. Half way through our run he gave his bike to me so he could run too. T did great as I ran along side him (while pushing the bike). But T is more a sprinter than a distance man. He had to take a few walking breaks to catch his breath. Part of me wondered if this was normal 5-year-old capacities, or was it that he needs his asthma inhalers everyday (instead of just during the times he gets a cold). I'll have to ask the pedi next time we see her.
Then we ate our lunch (brought a packed lunch from home--PBJs and fresh strawberries) and played on the playground. T, who's not shy at all, tried to talk and engage with some of the kids on the grounds, but no one would talk back or go along with the make-believe games he was trying to create. He didn't seem phased by it, but it sort of saddened my heart that he wanted to play with ANYONE but none of the kids would join him. Maybe they were shy or uncomfortable with strangers, but I so hoped he could find someone to connect with. It's hard to be an only child with no other kids to play with at home. Mom is OK but another kid is definitely choice #1--as long as Mom keeps close by as the required audience. It would be cool to have two kids in the house. For me and for T. I wonder if a girl or a boy would be a good idea (knowing full well how much energy typical boys have). Or a child that's older, the same age, or younger than T. Hard to say what would be the best fit for the adopted child and our family as it is, or could be. Plus I have to remember the finances. As a single parent I really like the choice to be at home 3 days a week to spend as much time as I can with my child(ren), but be able to live comfortably on a 4-day-a-week paycheck.
Just dreams. Something to think about. And who knows...anything could happen. But, I digress....
I really loved running with T riding his bike. He gave me something else to focus on besides the minutes ticking by and my pounding heart. And POOF! A half an hour running was done. Lovely. Plus, T gets the message on how important and fun exercise is--even "growing-ups" do it. I think we'll do it again next weekend!


Care said...

I really should try that - the boys would love to do something like that with me (although I am certain I would be huffing and puffing and they would ride circles around me!)

C sounds a lot like T - he is very social, always wants to be playing with other kids his age, and isn't shy about approaching people. C would have been thrilled to play with T.

cmay said...

Yeah. I wish we lived closer. T would LOVE to play with any and all of your boys! Consider moving to the west coast!! (Like you could even fathom another move!) We RARELY have hail--and if we do, it's the size of a pin head and never could dent a car.