Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ugg. An Injury. But Oh! The School Play!

So, big bummer for me. The last few minutes of running along that creek trail I felt this sort-of cramp in my lower calves. I slowed up and even walked for a minute. But I forged ahead and ran--because I was nearly done AND T was too far ahead to let him get any further with my going too slow.
I was kind of limping the rest of the day but felt like a couple days of rest and stretching would do the trick.
But today, I'm still pretty sore in the left lower calf, but fine in the right. I don't know what it is, but it seems like just a couple more days will allow it to heal itself. Time. Something there just isn't a lot of. I have to get this body in gear in 4.5 weeks!! Hopefully I'll be OK doing an exercise tape without running today. Maybe Thursday or Friday I'll be able to run without any trouble.
On much happier news...yesterday T performed in his first play! By total luck I happened to have the day off (since I work this coming Saturday) and so I was able to watch the 9:30AM show PLUS the 7PM evening show. There were 3 different shows, given by 3 different kindergarten classes. All were based on favorite children's books. (We have 6 kinder classes--the other 3 classes will do their performances today). T's class did a new play called "The Incredible Book Eating Boy". T didn't get to be the lead (in fact, it was a girl that got that part--probably because she can muster an attention span unmatched by any boy in class). But T did his parts very well. He spoke loudly enough and his actions were exaggerated and exuberant! During the first show he spent most of his time looking around the audience for me. But after giving him hints on where to look for me next time, he found me right away and played his parts for his most special audience member--me! Plus his Oma and Opa were there too. He was SO excited to show off how well he could do everything. All the shows were so great! It's amazing what the drama teachers can do with all those kindergartners--123 of them! Of course I video taped every moment--of all three shows. T loved watching them later on the big TV.
Certainly, when the girlfriends come around, many (MANY!) years in the future, these tapes will be valuable ammunition, uh...priceless memories to share.
Having kids. School plays. Video taping special moments.
THIS is just what I signed up for when I dreamed of what my future family would be like.

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