Thursday, March 25, 2010


Well, I was a big chicken.
I decided to really think about my feelings on whether or not to continue to date PetSmart man. After a few days and then a few more days, I had decided I had no interest in seeing him again. Now how to tell him? But actually, since he had not written after that first note the day after our last date, I decided that I would just not write. Let it drop and die on its own.
And so far, so good. Maybe it was a mutual thing. I hope so. I hate to hurt any feelings.
So, moving on!
Mark phoned a few days ago and I didn't let him off the hook. I reminded him that he has now cancelled on me 3 times and he's skating on thin ice. He seemed fully aware of his bad behaviour and apologized a few times. He said it's not like him to be so flaky (his word choice) and I told him I didn't remember him being that way either, but when it walks and talks like a duck....ya know?
We talked for about an hour and it was really easy chatting with him. Something very familiar and comfortable about our conversations together. He said he'd like to visit Thursday or Friday and would call to confirm with me for day and time. But it's Thursday afternoon and still no phone call. Hmmmmmm.
I made plans with my parents this evening for dinner and tomorrow I have plans with another "401 mom" (that's what we call us moms that conceived with the same donor) and her daughter for dinner. They are in town until Saturday and I'm excited to get to know them a little more. We've met twice before, but I take it as a good sign that she wants to spend more time with us, the more she gets to know us. Her daughter and my son play very nicely together, although they really don't understand the genetic connection they have. But one day they will.
This Saturday, as with the past two Saturdays, T will go to another ballet dance class. I chaperoned my first field trip with T's class and we went to the local ballet company to see the behind the scenes and watch the dancers. The kids also received a small instructional session and anyone who wants to could attend free classes for the next 3 months. Cool! T loved it and had chosen to go to ballet classes instead of Tae Kwon Do. So far, no one has given him the idea that ballet might be just for girls. And I love watching him in his little white ballet shoes. I don't know if we will continue beyond this semester's free classes, but it's great to expose him to this kind of dance and see if he wants to further his dance career in the future.
Speaking of Tae Kwon Do.....
T successfully tested for his "yellow senior" belt. The testing sessions come every 3 months, but for the past 6 months he has been unable to perform all the tasks to move to the next color belt. Finally! He made it and he (and all of us too!) were so excited for him to show the class and masters that he knew all his stuff!
He says he wants to get his black belt some day....we'll see. I thought he would want to stop soon, but earning his new belt has motivated him to do better.
Yay. Except I really wanted to stop paying the $84 a month. Oh well, at least the sparkle in his eye has returned with going to practice 4 days a week.
And speaking for 4 times a continues. And T LOVES it. He's pretty good at most positions and I love watching him play. With the weather improving lately it's much more fun sitting on the sidelines and rooting for his team while soaking in a beautiful day. Sorry no recent pictures. It's the old computer. Can't upload much until I get a new machine. It's on my list.
Well, gotta go now. We're having home made pea soup! Yum. My mother can't make a bad dish. The deal is, when she cooks, she cooks for an army. We had pea soup last night and probable will have it twice more this week before it's gone. Good thing it's yummy.


Laraf123 said...

Hooray for T and his senior yellow belt! I really wanted to find a dance class for my son but there are none for boys in this area. None! We'll start ball sports next year though. You certainly have a busy schedule--oh, boy!

Care said...

WTG T on earning his yellow senior belt! C just started baseball too - this is C's first season. Technically he is still in t-ball due to age cutoffs - but he thinks t-ball is for babies so I have to remember to say baseball! I was worried how he would do with the ADHD - there is a lot of standing around and waiting in baseball, but he has surprised me by really loving it. (Thank you 401 for the athlete genes - because he sure didn't get them from me!) :-) Hopefully you can find some way to get a pic on at some point - I would love to see T in his uniform.

Totally understand letting things just fade away with PetSmart guy. Sounds like it is working out for the best. Don't know what to think about Mark - how many chances do you give someone - but yet, how can you not give it a chance until you at least know if there is anything there. Hope he follows through today.

And how fun on the get-together - hello to all from me (now I just need to talk someone in to coming to visit Oklahoma!)


Well, I hope to visit with both of you one of these days! Yes, say hello to the other 401 mom for me, too! Sounds like a lot of fun. Are L and the girls going to join you?

I'm envious of all the sporting opportunities you have there for T. Living in a small town really limits us on those things. E is taking Tae Kwon Do, too, but it sounds like it is very different from the way T is learning it. Congrats on his yellow belt!

I agree about PetsMart man. Sounds like he wanted to get to know you for one reason, anyway. Please keep us updated on Mark! Let's hope he gets it together!

Billy said...

Yay for T getting his yellow belt.
And I love that he's enjoying ballet lessons. And I agree that it's great to expose him.

Wishing 4 One said...

Wow T is a busy busy little guy, very cool.

I think its awesome that you 401 moms meet up. How very nice it will be in the future for your kids to understand their connection.

I have to say I think its a probably a good choice with the pet smart german fellow, something about the things you wrote about your meetings with him just didn't sound like it would go much further. Things always work out for t eh best usually and your gut insticnt is usually the right one. Best of luck with Mark, it'll be interesting to see how this goes.

Glad you wrote I've missed you. xoxo