Monday, March 8, 2010

Can you say F L A K E ?

Well, the "date" on Sunday didn't happen. He never phoned the day before (as he said he'd do). In fact, he didn't reconfirm the last time he was supposed to come over (His idea--which I thought was a nice and thoughtful move) and then cancelled the day of the planned meeting. I'm starting to learn that maybe what Mark says he'll do isn't what Mark will really do. Not how I remember him being....
I phoned him yesterday (the day we were supposed to see each other) and left him a message. He called me right back (apparently I had awakened him) and apologized for not calling (as he said he would!). He has been sick with a cold--or something that has sapped him completely. What is it with men and getting sick? They turn into such babies. That's not fair. I'm sure I'm stereotyping. But I've heard from more than one source that more than one man becomes a child once sick. He said he'd been sleeping all day and was starting to feel much better. He wanted to put off visiting until he's healthy again--to spare getting me or my son sick too.
So, we'll see. I'm not phoning anymore. The ball is in his court.

PetSmart guy, though, has not yet dropped the ball. He couldn't make our planned for lunch date last Thursday. He phoned 2 hours before lunch and explained that he needed to drop off his car at the mechanic and was then told it would be 4 hours of work before he would get his car back. So lunch was now off--or rather postponed. He emailed if we could change the lunch date to next week. Sure, I said. We made plans for next Tuesday (tomorrow). I told him we could meet at Erik's DeliCafe or at my office. He said he was fine with either, but would like to be a gentleman and pick me up from my office, if I was OK with that. Well, suddenly that sounded quite nice, so I wrote, "I'd love that. Yes, please. Pick me up at work."
Now all my office mates are so excited to see what he looks like. (I tell them most everything about my dates so they can live vicariously.) He will get the eye from every direction when he steps in the waiting room. :)
I received another email from him today, asking if we were still on for tomorrow. He says he "can't wait" to see me.
I'm kind of excited to see him too. I still can't quite envision how he will fit into my life, but I think that's a bit too much to work out just yet. I'll take it one date at a time.

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Care said...

Hmmm, too bad about Mark, I don't understand that. I agree about not calling him...I think anything further is going to have to come from him. And did the lunch date go? :-) I like that there is potential there.