Monday, September 14, 2009

So slow....

The progress on the "club house" in my backyard is SO slow. The guy I hired to do the job rarely shows. He has no car either! You just can't do much without a car around here! And when he does find someone to drive the 30 minutes it takes to get to my house, he stays for an hour or two tops, and then he's gone again. I know he doesn't like working here when my lazy-ass brother is here 100% of the time watching TV and never offering to help. It's not something I'm proud of--but knowing my brother, it's predictable. He's lazy and just loves to cut someone down when he can. He had lots to hand down in how the electrical work was being done. But then, for Pete's sake, can he HELP him do it right instead of just point out all the wrong doings and non-code short cuts? It's not so much the information, but how he says it. Demeaning.
But still. The guy should have been done by now. It's a small project and he started it the first week of July. He had some valid excuses (his mother took ill and he had to make sure she was place in home, dialysis going, etc...) but the work is not getting done. He said she was settled weeks ago. Now, I just don't even want to talk to him. So I called my brother in law (the one that recommended this slug-handyman) and he gave him what-for over the phone. And THAT'S why he materialized in my backyard today. Damn. I was kind of looking forward to firing him and hiring the contractor my neighbor used. She can't say enough nice things on what he'd done for them with their home remodel. Oh well. The expectation is that the slug will finish this week (according to my B-I-L). I sure hope so. The weather has been weird and we've had some nasty thunderstorms and rain. I'd like to get my stuff settled and out of whatever weather comes our way.
In the vein of getting my stuff moving...I'm having a garage sale this Saturday. What a pain. Lots of prep work. But I've got to clear out the garage and organize it so my brother's stuff can vacate the still post-demolition backyard and then some REAL work can start in creating my dream outdoor space. I'll post some pictures of the transformation soon. So far, I've just got before shots and some from the jack hammer day. It's a mess.



Can't wait to see the transformation! Electricity in the club-house, too! Wow, that's some club-house! T will LOVE it. What else do you have planned for back there?

cmay said...

The building was built that way, but I added a sky light and now the walls will be insulated, sheetrocked and painted. I'd like to put some video games in there, but I'm sort of afraid of theifs. Once the neighborhood kids get wind of it, who knows how long it will be safe in there.
I also plan a fountain, lighting, an enlarged and redone patio, gas hook up for the BBQ. And some kind of sail or structure to give shade.