Sunday, June 7, 2009

More T talk

The other day, T was in the bath, making up games with many, many rules (as is the usual these days). This game was about making my forearms and hands really clean with a 7 step method newly devised by T himself. I just sat on the floor and held my arms out over the tub while he worked his magic with this potion or that soap and washcloth or toy that made the treatment even better. After he was all finished, he asked me, "Well, how clean is that?" and I said, "Very!"
Then after a spit second he said, "Very is lesser than really."
Hmmmm. Let's think about that. Is 'very' less than 'really'? I suppose it could be. So maybe the better answer would have been "Really!!" But I didn't think that fast. And he didn't seem disappointed. His mind was already on to the next game he could conjure up.

Earlier in the day:
T: Mama, what comes first: "almost" or "nearly"?

Me: Gee, ummmm. I think almost and then nearly. (Seemed right and sensible at the time.)

I have to remember what I said about these measurements and their places in how to measure something because he'll remember--and test me. And if I say another answer (like it's "nearly" first and then "almost"), he'll catch me on it and be sure to tell me what's the right answer (according to the first time I told him). He's such a smarty. I wish I had that brain.

I guess this is the way he finds order in life and how things are measured or compared to other things. When he plays with his cars, he never pushes them around and make engine noises. He arranges them in rows or squares (placed bumper to bumper and side to side). He calls it a garage--and it sure looks like one. The kind next to a shopping mall. He puts them in rows of particular colors or places them according to how big they are, going from biggest to smallest and then smallest to medium to biggest.

It's so cool to watch how he puts it all together as he grows and ramps up his IQ day by day, by week, by month.


Care said...

T reminds me of Ethan, in the way that he plays. Connor is more typical crashing cars and loud noises. :-) I love getting glimpses into how they think - it never fails to amaze me how much they pick up on and how fast they learn at this age.

Lara said...

Absolutely amazing language skills! So fun to hear!