Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Birthday T!

Yesterday was T's 6th birthday! Already!
I tried to get off work, but it wasn't possible. But during my lunch break I went to the Children's center where he spends part of the week and brought a birthday cake to share with all the kids. He was "a little shy" and stared at his knees while they all sang "Happy Birthday to you, Cha-Cha-Cha..." But I could tell he was enjoying it.
After work I met T and my mom at the Tae Kwon Do place. At the end of the hour the Master lead all the students in another song (this one was punctuated with lots of "He-Aww's!). Again, being shy with all the attention he studied his toes with red cheeks on his cute little face. Then we all went to dinner for his choice--pizza! (and an ice cream for dessert, of course)
After dinner he opened his presents: a new Leapster (his second one died a few months ago), a skate board, and new sneakers. He also received a package in the mail from his Nana and Popa (who live in Australia)--a cool, bright green crocodile T-shirt and a real Boom-A-Rang. I told him how you use it but I can't think of a safe enough place to really let it fly and see if it truly comes back. :) So, for now, it sits on his dresser. It's cool to look at with the Aboriginal art work on it.
This Saturday we're having a pool party/BBQ with lots of his school friends and family. I hope the weather shines on us and it's nice and warm.

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Happy Birthday T !