Saturday, June 13, 2009


Well, over a 3 day period, I've had one of the mini-houses (a well built shed, really) in my backyard dismantled, and all the concrete and raised brick planters broken up and removed (now sitting in the middle of my driveway).
T has now seen the awesome power of a jack hammer in use and has found ways to use that word in several sentences. He was impressed.

This is the first step in making over my backyard into the dream yard that I've had on paper for more than 7 years. My dad and mom have always had a dream that the one shed could be transferred into their backyard but it's just too big to get out in one piece (10 x 14 feet plus an overhanging porch). But by some miracle the two strong men working for me were able to take it apart wall by wall and transfer it over to my parents place. Hopefully they'll be able to put it back together again in their own backyard. It will be a nice addition--both for storage and because it's so darned cute with it's windows, porch and Dutch door. I'm glad it's staying in the family!
But now my backyard looks a MESS! And I'm getting to the end of my savings for purposes other than college and retirement. That means I have to live with it, aside from the small changes I can make with a shovel and some well placed plants/flowers until I can afford for some more work to be done. Really, the next thing is to dig a big hole and create a good drainage system so the house down spouts don't dump water at the foundation anymore. And then a new sprinkler system that will accommodate the new plans. Stuff I can't or don't want to do myself. Maybe I'll take on a few more days of work here and there to collect the funds more quickly. I want to hurry up and enjoy my garden!!

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Care said...

So do you think jack-hammer will make it's way onto T's Christmas wish list? :-) You will have to share pictures as you make progress on the yard. I enjoy those sort of projects, even if they are a lot of work. And so neat that you were able to move one of the buildings - hope it went back together nicely at your parents house.