Saturday, October 3, 2009


Nada. No kitty.
I've posted on Craig's list, the Humane Society and 2 different Animal shelters. I've visited the shelters too--he's not there.
It's been 6 nights and he's still missing. I imagine the worst--either some psychopath is torturing him to death or he's been killed by a car. He had a collar on so if someone with a heart found him, they'd have called me by now. I wish I'd had him "chipped". Then I could rest assured that if any shelter found him, they could easily reunite us.
What ever has happened, I need to know. I need to see his body, so I can know the last place he went to.
I used to think of my cat as just a cat--plucked out of a litter of other cats. Same blank look on his face as every other cat and behaved not unlike a ba-zillion other cats in personality. But after searching through SO many cats, I've realized that MY cat was very unique. A needle in a haystack. And no other cat will do. Finding HIM and only him will be able to quell this empty pressure sitting on my heart. I can't stop glancing everywhere when I drive through my neighborhood. I need to find him.
I'm losing hope that he might just wander back to home, but please. Let me find him SOMEwhere.
T is not upset at all, though. His first response to realizing Hans was gone was, "Well, I guess we just have to get another one!" He just doesn't seem to care one way or another. I think he's concerned that I might be sad over our missing pet (although I noticed he calls Hans "your cat", instead of owning him also). The truth is he's been more fearful of being nipped by our cat than had the opportunity to bond with him. Only once was he brave enough to allow Hans to sit on his lap. I took pictures of the event--not thinking it wouldn't ever happen again. T is afraid of all animals and goes into a near panic if a dog wants to play and chases him or gets too close and tries to lick him. I think he's settling down now and doesn't panic quite so quickly, but it's a slow process.


Billy said...

I really hope you find him. Even if something did happen to him (oh, please no thoughts about psychopaths torturing) I understand the needing to know.
By the way is he fixed? Could it be that he has followed some cat on heat and maybe lost his way home?

Laraf123 said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. I hope you find him. Our pets are our family too. Thinking of you...