Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Tooth Fairy And The Storm

Everyday, all day, T asks to play a game--any game. If there's no game handy, he'll make up a game with a handful of rules that I have to pay attention to, but not necessarily him (since it's his game, he argues). Oh and sometimes I get to make up a rule too, but he gets veto power if he would rather another rule take it's place.

His favorite games lately are "Two square" which is really taking turns hitting a a big rubber ball on a wall. And lots of "rock, paper, scissors" (aka ro-sham-bo)to determine who gets to serve this time. Often we have to do this multiple times to see who wins twice. He also loves "Hang man", which is great for learning about spelling and penmanship. And it works during car rides too. Then there's any kind of cards. He's great at dealing and getting better at shuffling. Again, the rules might change as we go along, but he's pretty good at remembering the changes and reminding ME of them too. Often. He loves to be in charge and in control. Hmmmm. Where does he get that from? He also loves to play games on PBSkids.org. That's such a great site for kids. He really doesn't need me to play, but loves having my attention and the inevitable and frequent cheering I always do.

Where is she going with this?, you might be thinking...

Anyway....yesterday we were playing Two Square up against the garage door. Whenever we play, he's come to know that there is always something I have to do and play time will be cut shorter than he wants (Someone has to clean the house and cook dinner, not that he cares.). This time we were using a soccer ball as the favorite rubber ball popped under the stress of finding a big fat thorn on our lemon tree. I was able to play much longer this time because in my mind I knew I was going to make some sort of dinner out of the odd ends of left overs. (It ended up being Tuna Melts with tomatoes--yummy!) After a good long time of play, Oma drove up for a visit. It's always fun when my mom comes. We all decided to take a break and have a cup of tea. Mom also brought a dark chocolate bar to share along side the tea. In short time, tea was served and the bar pieced out. I barely sat down to chit chat with mom, when suddenly T yelled out "Mom!" He was sitting on the couch (against my better judgement because I could immediately see the tea being spilled all over) watching The Aristocats while he kept one ear on our conversation with his tea cup balanced on a pillow on his lap. What happened???, I think, as my mind races a thousand directions.

Well, thank goodness the tea (tepid with milk and sugar, btw) was still clutched properly in his little fingers. But the other hand was on his mouth along with a curious look on his face. Apparently he had bitten into the square of chocolate and that was all it took to knock out that slightly wiggly tooth he's had. It was nearly out. Oh, I could hardly stand it. I wanted to just yank it, but he said, "No. I can do it." The more he touched it the more it bled. And I SO wanted to "help" him. My brother said he'd give him a dollar if T could pull it out. And then my mom chimed in and said she would pony up a dollar too. Well, now it's ON! He put his tea carefully on the table and went to the bathroom mirror to check it out. Yep. It was nearly out. T was excited but also fearful of potential pain...and blood. I said I just want to feel it (but I guess he knows me by now), so he reminded me, again, that he could do it. Oooooo. Ok, hands off.

And then, suddenly, it was out. In his little hand. Baby tooth #5. He was so proud. See...

And he received his booty of $2 for his courage. He asked if he could put it in his piggy bank and, of course, I said yes. He doesn't really have to ask but it makes it more ceremonious if everyone comes to watch. He placed the treasured tooth in his silver tooth box and placed it under his pillow. Surely, the tooth fairy will come tonight and then he'll get even MORE money!
T decided he didn't want to eat any more of that chocolate. Clearly, it was too hard for his little teeth. But he finished his tea. And the next cup too.

But what about the storm? It's coming.

For days we've been warned by every meteorologist about the coming storm. It's a doozy. The first one of the season and it's going to be dumping MAJOR rain. It's coming from the North, so it'll be colder than normal and it's mixing with tail of a typhoon from the South, so LOTS and LOTS of rain. Well, that's good news for our perpetually parched earth. We are always being reminded to conserve water--shorter showers, grass is not as thirsty as you think, please plant drought-friendly plants, etc. So rain is welcome, right? But oh! This will be a BIG storm, so get ready. Pick up your sand bags, clear the gutters, don't drive if you don't have to. It was so nice on Monday--the calm before the storm. By the evening the big dark clouds were rolling in off the Pacific Ocean, just like the satellite pictures predicted. It was kinda cool to anticipate. I kept looking outside to see if it hit yet. I put the boy to bed at the usual time, and sat down at my computer to organize and arrange my pictures. I have 3 projects I am making myself do--online prepared scrap books. I've procrastinated enough! It's my first time, but I've seen others do it and it turns out really nice. Two books will be on the vacations I've taken each of my nieces (Paris and then Kauai), which I'm very late in creating. And the third one is for my son. I plan to make a homemade book with pictures and narration on "THE STORY OF ME, and how I came to be.". It's a convoluted story and I want it to be told like a children's bedtime story, to be enjoyed with actual pictures of me and all the people who were key in each stage of the challenges I'd overcome to create him. And of course, lots of pictures of him. In my mind, it's beautiful. Hopefully, it will be just as nice in reality.
Anyway...I went to bed way after midnight. No storm yet.

But by morning it was raging!! I know--rain is no big deal to most of the world, but we Californians are wimps. We don't get much for weather (which is why we all love to live here) so when we get RAIN that looks like it's coming down in BUCKETS--dense enough to see the wind gust and swirl...it's something to stare at in awe and amazement. All kinds of road problems ensue, power outages, flash flood warnings, downed trees, and mud slides. It's something we should be better prepared for, but every year, we have the same troubles. I love the smell outside when it rains. Everything seems so...um...shiney and clean. I was enjoying this storm.

T woke up a little earlier than usual for school. Immediately he started playing a game--and goading me into playing too. This time: hang-man, while I fixed his lunch and our breakfasts. Suddenly, he twists around and says, "Mama! I wonder if the tooth fairy came!!!"

Oh crap.

I'd been so busy with all the pictures and uploading and arranging, that I totally forgot to be the Tooth Fairy!

Think. Quickly!

"Um, T...it' really stormy out and it's been that way all night. I know sometimes the Tooth Fairy can't make it in really rainy, stormy weather."
"But, she's invisible!" he says.
"Well, when it rains a lot her wings get wet and she can't fly."


He says, after the slightest pause..."Well, let's go check!"


So we both go and find the little silver box under his pillow. And, wouldn't you know it? The tooth was still in the box. (I felt awful. Bad mama. Bad, bad mama.)

But T just shrugs and says, "Well, that's OK. I already have 2 dollars, so I that's alright."

"Yeah", I say, "But more money is even better! I bet she'll come tonight, if the weather is better." He agrees, but he's not phased or upset. But I am.

The storm seems to have passed now, and the weather is agreeable for the Tooth Fairy to make it to our house. She's coming tonight. For sure.



Congrats to T on tooth #5! E just found his third loose tooth (first one on top) and is really excited to lose it. No more of that baby-toothed smile!

Also congrats to you for doing the online scrapbook...what program are you using? will you get a hard copy of the book when you are done? You'll have to share the link when it's finished.

cmay said...

I will make a hard copy of the book--hopefully not a paper back type, but something more sturdy.
Congratulations on E's loose tooth. It's so exciting for them...but means they are growing up. Tooo fast!

Wishing 4 One said...

You know every time I come to your blog, i leave smiling. What a great boy you have, what a great mom you are and it makes me smile.

I used to LOVE when the toothfairy came to us. We had frilly little toothfairy pillows with a pocket for teh tooth that my Oma made for my sister and I, wish I still had em to pass along to my "future" baby, but they are long gone.....

cmay said...

Thanks, Wishing. That's so nice to hear.
And you know just how to fashion a special tooth fairy pillow, I bet. You can personalize it and make it special just for your child. I can't wait to hear your stories in the coming years.

Jo said...

I love the idea of the "story of me" book. that's so wonderful! I might steal that idea in, oh, say, 5 years or so. It always sounds like you're having so much fun with T. It's very inspiring!