Saturday, October 3, 2009


My kitty has been found!!!!
I worked all day today and went straight over to my parents to pick up my son.
After dinner, we headed home.
When we arrived, there was a note taped on my front door that read:
"Good news! Hans has been found! He is being housed at Mimi's house. Love, Pat and Jen."
Mimi lives 2 doors down from us!
I freaked out and immediately started squealing that Hans had been found. T thought I was hurt at first and then he was just as giddy as I was. We took off running down the street to collect our kitty cat. But Mimi wasn't home. Bummer. But I can't blame a girl for going out on a Saturday night! I left her a note that she should call me when she gets in and that we were SO HAPPY Hans was found!
In the mean time I went to my neighbors, Pat and Jen, to get the scoop. Apparently Hans has spent the majority of the past 6 days in the backyard of my other neighbor--2 doors down and across the street. Bob had noticed him in his backyard last Sunday (the day he went missing) and then he was gone a couple days, but came back. Bob didn't know he was missing. I hadn't gone out to blanket the street and had only told 4-5 neighbors so far. I had planned to go door-to-door tomorrow and put the word out to look for a cat I was sure would be dead (or near dead) at this point. Today Bob became curious about this kitty hanging out in his backyard and decided to pick up the cat and look at the collar ID. Then he walked to the front. My other neighbors suddenly started chatting "There's Hans! He's been missing!" Bob hadn't realized I was missing my pet. Apparently, Hans was loving all the attention, according to Pat and Jen.
Mimi called me a little later and I came over to get him. His paw pads are a little worn and he's very, very skinny--but he seems totally fine. Mimi said he ate a whole bowl of cat food at her house. When I saw him he just sat there in the middle of Mimi's room. But after 30 seconds or so, he walked over to me--and I scooped him and up!
I'm SO happy my neighbors were all looking out for me and my kitty.
Finally, I know what happened to Hans. He survived for 7 nights and 6 days on his own, just a stone's throw from home. I don't think he had any food, but must have found enough water to keep him alive. He did much better than I thought he would.
Big, big sigh.....
Welcome home Hans.
The pressure over my heart is lifted and life in our house is as it was.
Darn good.


Billy said...

Oh, I am so so happy!! Wonderful news :-).

Laraf123 said...

OMG! That's the best news I've read online all weekend! Welcome home, Hans!

Wishing 4 One said...

YEAHHHHHHHHHHH! Hans is back! I am so happy reading this, I know how you feel. Those little suckers are the best things in the world I swear. We love all of our little guys so much too!


Woohoo! Great to hear the good news!