Saturday, January 3, 2009

Staple removal

Well, last night, as promised to my boy, I took out the staples in his head from his monkey bar accident 2 weeks ago. I've taken lots of staples out, but always in the abdomen--not the scalp. He was excited and looking forward to it, although they didn't seem to bug him at all. As soon as I got home he was asking when I'd do it. So I got down to business.
I showed him the tool and let him work it. Then he laid his little head down and I squeezed the device around the staple to open it up. Unfortunately, I couldn't keep my word that it was painless (as it's almost always been for my patients). Keeping the staples in for 2 weeks allowed for extra scabbing/growth around the boo-boo and it didn't come out as easily or painlessly as I wanted. T was very upset and crying and didn't want the other one to come out. Being upset myself but also SO wanting the chance to take out the other one (there were only two, thank goodness!) I cuddled with him and told him how brave he was. I showed him the staple and he thought it was cool. But, that pain part, he didn't want any more of that! After a few minutes of soothing, he was shaking slightly but ready to put his head down and allow me to remove the other staple. He held still on his own and I removed the last one with much less pain (it was less embedded--hooray!). And that was that! T was excited that he did it but also clearly stressed. The level of trust he gives me is so humbling to me. I mean, it's the same thing I'd feel for my parents, but when another human being gives you that kind of faith, it's an amazing feeling to experience. The rest of the evening he was totally wired up, snapping his fingers (quite proud of how he can do that) and playing Sorry, Trouble, Connect 4 and Uno with me until it was time for bath and bed.
T will be bringing in the staples and staple remover to Kindergarten the next time he gets a Special Sharing time with his class.

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Billy said...

We want to see the staples too :-).