Saturday, January 31, 2009

Just a little virus

So my thyroid surgery is coming up and I'm getting all my ducks in a row--disability papers, notices to managers, updating voice mails, emails, computer work access issues...there's a lot of stuff to tie up!
Last week I suddenly found it nearly impossible to swallow and the lymph glands on my neck were quite sore to the touch. By total coincidence, I stumbled upon a magazine in the radiology department and on the cover was an article about "Thyroid cancer in adults". So I had to read it. Of course all my symptoms were listed right there in black and white! Except I had no difficulty breathing and could still eat well enough. Trying to keep my cool, I ran it by some co-workers and we just shrugged and nodded that it was good the surgery was coming up. But theeeennnn, the next day it was SO clear I caught a virus that ATTACKED my throat with a vengeance! I couldn't swallow at all unless I took ibuprofen! Fortunately, within a week, I was back to normal. Whew. I thought it was going to throw off the surgery schedule, but no, it's all still on track.
My co-workers gave me a wonderful potluck lunch party as a little send off before I leave work for four weeks. It was quite a to-do and there was SO much great food! It really made me realize how much they care. Nice to work with such great people. I was feelin' the love...
Today is the last day I will live without a scar on my throat. Sounds funny, but that's what seems to be on mind the most. I guess, because I'll always see it when I look in the mirror. And I tend to keloid when I have scars, so I'm HOPING that it heals without any trouble or extra ugliness. And, of course, I hope the surgery goes well and the nodule is just a growing thing and not a malignant thing. And then, that the remaining half of my thyroid (should I get to keep it) works hard enough to avoid having to take thyroid replacement hormones forever.
Ahhh. Yep. It will all be alright. And over with by tomorrow afternoon.
But I'm still kinda nervous.
T has been a good kid, as usual. Today, in my hour's volunteer time in his class, I got to play bingo with the kids (4 at a time). Each card had 16 different words they were learning to recognize and read this week. As I held up an index card with one of the words, the kids had to read the word and put a marker on their card over that word. The first one to get four in row, won. And then they read aloud their four words. It was fun and most the kids did really well. Sometimes just having the patience to look and finally find the word was enough for some kids. When they found the word or read the word there was high-fives and thumbs up all around the table. Every child found some level of success with the bingo game. And it was really fun too.
Today I told T that I would be having an operation to take out a bump in my throat. He was worried that it would hurt and I told him that they would give me medicine so I won't feel a thing. The he worried that the pain medicine would hurt. I told him "no", so he asked if he could try some too! Well, I admitted that it would be a "shot" and might hurt just a little...and that's all he needed to change his mind on that!

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