Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

My mom's birthday is December 26. It's a bummer for her since most people are "gifted out" by the time the 26th rolls around. She often gets gifts wrapped in Xmas paper or a "two-parter" type gift that's related to something she got on Christmas.
To separate out her day from Christmas, the 25th has turned into a day of rest, with all the Santa hoopla on the 24th.
The last few years, we've taken the train up to the city and we celebrate a bit up there, check out the holiday decorations, have dinner and then come back. Dad generally doesn't want to go, so we didn't bother asking him this year (especially considering the mood that has filled their house since the closing of our Christmas celebrations).
We had a lovely time! T was SO excited to be on a train. He's been on it before, but was scared of the loud noises while waiting for it to arrive at the stations. This year, he seemed to understand it was a train (and not a bus or plane) . And he proudly told our fellow passengers that he wasn't afraid anymore. He was almost TOO excited and was difficult to get him to listen to me about where he could and could not sit (NOT in front of the doors!), etc. But he loved all the busy-ness of the city, the lights, the people. He even got a "magic wand" from the clown making balloon toys on the corner. And if you haven't tried a cream puff from Beard Papa's, you are missing something fantastic! Especially the eclairs. Yum, yummy! It was mom's make-shift birthday cake and she loved it--plus sharing the day with us is always high on her list.
Happy Birthday Mom.

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