Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Monkey...Addendum

Actually the original book T made had a small void. Two pages in the middle had stuck together unbeknown to him, so they were blank once the story was written and illustrated. At first he decided that we just had to overlook that and turn the page. But then he was inspired to add more depth to the story. I kind of didn't want him to potentially wreck this book, so I reminded him he had to be sure it fit with the story.
Here's how the book reads now:

The Monkey

Once upon a time
there was a monkey
that was swinging
on the tree.
(Below script: 4 green trees and a brown monkey near the largest tree.)

then his tummy felt
its hurting. It was
A baby. He was so
Happy. He never had
a baby. In his hole
life. He had too babys.
(Below script: 2 trees, bushes and a monkey with 2 circles for the stomach area.)

And then when they were
done swinging on the tree,
they had Bananas to eat.
And then they took a walk.
then they had to run because
there were asteroids falling
from the sky. but they were
not DeAD. They runed fast.
(Below script: A big blue sky with 16 red asteroids all lined up in row with orange flames. Many brown monkeys with arms flailing. Yellow and brown dirt with black round coals--all lined up in a row to match the asteroids falling.)

then there were fire.
everywhere. a lot of
dinosaurs were dead. 100 of
dinosaurs were dead.
And then he thinked that he
wanted another baby.
He told his Docter. Can I have
another baby? the Docter
said yes. We will Give you
another baby. He was
going to get another baby tomorrow.
(Below script: Black and blue sky. Blue and red flames everywhere. And 3 monkeys with dragging arms. I think they are tired.)

And then he had a
baby. twice. And then
they were A family
that lived in the
Jungle. oo. oo. ah. ah.
(Below script: Blue sky with 2 clouds and one sturdy tree with 3 brown monkeys. One monkey has a happy smile, the other 2 are faceless.)

The end by T-----

Quite exciting now, huh?
I told him I was so happy with the book that I took it to work and showed everyone. And I even put it on the Internet. He was quite worried about that.
"The Internet?! Someone might make fun of me."
I assured him all was OK. I didn't put his real name on it.
"Whew. Well, that's OK then. Did they like it??"
He was so excited to read the reviews!

Thank you so much for your kind words. You made our day brighter.


Billy said...

Tell him they liked it a lot!!
And I loved how he filled in those tqo pages!

Laraf123 said...

Great job T! Your story is very exciting and filled with wonderful characters. I hope you will write many more of these!


How cute is that???? Whenever E makes a book that's a keeper, I also scan it so I have a soft copy, too...just in case! T has a great imagination! Love the book!

And, what about those embryos????

cmay said...

Thank you for your generous comments!

The embryos...still on ice. Still thinking....

Care said...

That is so cool - way to go T! He definitely has some creative flair.