Friday, January 8, 2010

Embers Raked?


'Member how I said before that I was hoping to rake a few embers from my past to see if I could find a date?

Well, I found an ember that seems a little warm.

He found me on FB. His name is Mark.

Way back when I was 18 or so, I worked at a Pizza parlor in my town. All day long on weekends and after school there was a boy-about 12 years old or so that used to hang out and play video games--Pac Man and Centipede were big then. It was obvious that he had a big crush on me. But please. He was 12. Just a kid. But a sweet kid, did well in school and he played the piano beautifully too.

Eventually I left the pizza parlor. He visited me a few times at the video store where I next worked and then we lost touch.

I do remember one time--he had come to my house. He must have been about 16-17 years old by then. My parents weren't home. And so my brother, sisters and Mark decided to play a drinking game: Quarters. Our drink of choice that evening was Peppermint Schnapps. Well, if you've ever had schnapps, you know you won't be playing quarters long before everyone is slap-happy and slurring. I don't remember much about anyone else, but I do remember that my balance was WAY off, I hit my head on the floor at some point, and then I was upstairs with a quite, ummm, well, determined Mark, doing something most parents expressly tell their kids NOT to do. I couldn't believe I was doing it either--with this kid who suddenly looked and acted so..... grown up! I don't remember much else, except there was more than the usual fumbling with a condom....

I think that's the last time I'd heard from Mark. It's also the last time I've EVER touched Peppermint Schnapps.

But now he's in his 40's, older and wiser and probably a lot more interesting than he was at 16. He never married or had kids (and sounded a little regretful about that). He still plays piano too. We've made plans for coffee or beer--whatever time of day seemed to match the drink of choice, and catch up.

But he's already starting his emails to me with "Hi Beautiful" so I think this has some potential for fun...and maybe more.


Demeter said...

It is so lovely to see how your son expresses his love for you. Those are certainly the moments you must feel you touch the sky. Those are the moments worth all the sleepless nights. eh?
Good luck on your love date. I hope it sparks something beautiful for you!

Laraf123 said...

How fun! I wish my old boyfriend would find me on FB. I tried unsucessfully to find him!
Good for you!

This may seem weird--but my FB info is the same as my google ID, if you want to add me--I enjoy being friends with lots of other moms :)


SO cool! You'll HAVE to keep us updated! I met up with the first boy I ever kissed, in NY several years ago. Unbelievably gorgeous, but, of course, gay. Oh well. I'm not sure I even want to meet up with some of my old boy friends! Hope this one turns out to be a lot of fun!