Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A little snippy

I'm getting a little snippy over this situation with my brother having moved in. I live in a small house, with stuff I've collected over the last 14 or so was feeling just right for me and T. Actually just a little tight, but liveable. But with all this extra STUFF around plus all's just too much.
I thought I was dealing well with the changes...

Keeping our voices down in the morning so R can continue to sleep in
Shifting my things around to accomodate R's stuff
Working out who is going to pay for food, clean the house, make dinners
And generally getting used to someone else having a vote on what we watch on TV, etc. His taste is NOT mine--drag racing and deep sea fishing, not my cuppa tea.

But when he started shifting things around in his room and removing the torch lamp into my room (that I have no real need for or space for but lived happily in the corner of my former extra bedroom) and the Globe that sat on the dresser and the book shelf with all T's books and toys--that I said will be moved into the "Club House" in the backyard (once it's finished), it felt a little too much to deal with. Add to that the fact that I have not yet had any payment (it was due July 1st) and I feel like I've make too many concessions without any given on his part.
I later apologized for my snippy-ness and reminded him that this is a huge adjustment for me and he's just going to have to remember that when he thinks it's OK to initiate any changes in my house.
I hope I don't soon regret this decision to help him out.

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Care said...

You are a better person than I - if I invited my sister to live with me (don't have any brothers) I'm quite certain one or the both of us would need to be locked away in a room with padded walls by weeks end. If we were still alive, that is.

I imagine that having someone else co-habiting in your home must require a great deal of negotiation and compromise. I hope that things are improving, and that your brother is respecting that this is your home, and following your wishes. Can't be easy.