Thursday, April 9, 2009

No running, and still searching for balance

Such a bummer. I had to drop out of the Relay race. My left calf hasn't improved too much. I'm not limping any more, but the minute I start to run, the pain comes back. I guess I strained the muscle or something.
Not only do I feel like a loser for not being about to be a part of our team (AGAIN!), but this has put a big damper on my plans to improve my body/mind/health. Not to mention the possibility of re creating a better looking body for the fast approaching summer days when I want to wear shorts, or (gasp) a swim suit. Maybe a video and some hand held weights will be enough to smooth away some of this cottage cheese stuck to my thighs.
It's a never ending battle, and I will Never Give Up! :)
A very valuable lesson I learned from years of speaking with women candidly and privately in the exam room about things that really matter: we all share so many commonalities. No one has a perfect body. And even if it appears to others as if they did. They still worry about it. We all do. ALL of us are very aware of our imperfections. No matter what age, ethnicity, background, socio-economic status, we all worry about the same stuff. Some people more than others. Through all these similarities, even though we may look very different from one another, we are all sisters. Connected in our sameness but special in our uniqueness. Nuff said. Group huuuuug.
I want to care enough to be motivated to do good for my body and health but not be obsessed with it that it puts me on the side lines, keeping me from enjoying life.
Balance. It's everywhere.


Billy said...

Sorry to hear you had to drop out of the race.

Naomi said...

Amidst my kitchen remodel, I screwed my hands up so badly that my dr sister said I need to not use them for at least two weeks or I'd suffer permanent damage. I think moms, more specifically single moms, are hardwired to do more than we should, often to our detriment. We hate being seen as weak, perhaps? Take care of yourself. You had to drop out b/c this wasn't the right time for you to run. Everything happens when it's suppose to, right? Hot baths and Epsom salts. Hope you feel better soon!

Care said...

I'm sorry that you had to drop out of the race. Hopefully everything will be healed soon, and you can get back on track. Finding balance is tough - I don't do a great job of it - but I'm trying.

cmay said...

Thank you!