Thursday, April 9, 2009

Doing it all, and suddenly overscheduled!

I'm better now. I stopped eating corn chip scoops at 11PM and whadda ya know?? I dropped 2.5 lbs. I guess I really am human and my body works predictabley like most everyone else. Huh.
Last Sunday T and I went to a birthday party for his kinder classmate. It was held at a nearby Tae Kwon Do gym. And weirdly, the owner and master there was the husband of my previous medical assistant I used to be blessed to have at my prior clinic in ob/gyn. It's a small world. (She showed up at the end of the party and we got to catch up.)
The party was fun. Watching all the kids kick and chop the heck out the air while giving their best and loudest "Hi- awwww!" was so entertaining. They even got to kick at a board and break it in two pieces. Just the stuff of real super heroes!! But while I was there, watching how they were being taught to reply with a loud and clear "Yesssir!", bowing before and after entry to the mat, and listening and obeying the master, I thought "What a good thing for T to do." He really seemed to enjoy it all. By the end of the hour he was rosy cheeked and all sweaty around the temples.
The next day T and I went back so he could take a one hour free lesson with the other kids (all younger than 10 years old). He seemed to really get into it, although his coordination needs some help. But that's just one more good reason to consider a commitment to this.
And commitment it was. I signed up that day. After the first month of "free" lessons, you have to sign a contract committing to pay for the next 11 months. T can go up to four times a week. It averages out to $84 a month over a year. But then I learned the belt ceremonies will cost me too. And the professional photos (not that there's any obligation to buy, but you know I'll buy at least SOME of them). Mom said she would bring him there on Wednesdays and Fridays and I'll bring him Mondays. Saturdays are more a fun/exercise day but I think once T-ball finishes we'll be doing that too. Unless summer YMCA basketball conflicts with that schedule. And to think I was hemming and hawing at $50 a month to join the YMCA for access to exercise to me (and also stuff for T to do). Goes to show, when it's for T, money is secondary. When it comes to me....well, I'm way at the bottom of the list. Or am I even on the list?? I think I better work on my balance of that a bit. Or I'll soon be suffering and not able to be the best that I can be. And get depressed and well, you can probably see it's not a path anyone would enjoy or savor. It's a mother thing I think. Or at least, it's common among mothers.
SHEESH. At first I felt like I wasn't doing enough extracurricular activities to expose my boy to some fun and educational experiences (especially as compared to what other parents do with their kids). But now, suddenly, we're scheduled for SOMEthing just about every day. And how can swim lessons and music lessons (he wants to try the guitar or piano) fit in??
Oy. One step at a time. I think we've got enough for now. In June we'll reassess how much time we have.

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