Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Some cute misunderstandings

One of the main reasons I wanted to start this blog was to jot down the interesting and often hilarious things T says as he learns more about the world we live in. In the last few days I've been lucky to have experienced of few more nuggets of just how T makes sense of the ways things go.
Two new phrases he picked up from our camping trip: "Calm down babe." (likely from hanging with my sister's family as that's a common cliché there), and "Dang it!", "Heck-a ...." and "Oh my Gawwwwd..." (also from hanging with my sister's family--one pre-teen and 2 teenagers influence. I'm lucky it's not more colorful given the way most teens talk!).
In the last week, since we've been back from camping, T has been really into watching the movie Toy Story. He has watched it over and over again while being baby sat at my parents home for a week (interim care between preschool/day care and the start of kindergarten--thank you mom and dad!). Lots of new phrases are finding his vocabulary. Now he says things like "We're gonna die.", "You're history!", "Way to go, Idaho!" and "You're my favorite density." That would be deputy but that's the way he hears it.
He also likes to pretend to be Woody and I'm the "human". When we start playing he gets a glazed over look to pretend to be the Woody doll and I have to pull his "string" on his back to get him to talk. Then he says he's got "ANDY" on the bottom of his boot in "erman and ink" like I'm supposed to be impressed. "Oh," I said, "permanent ink, huh?" and he corrected quite clearly that it's "ERMAN AND INK!" Oh! Well, that's really special!
Then to break the monotony of seeing Toy Story over and over I suggested we watch a different movie. So he chose "Babe", a really cute story of an amazing pig. When the farmer sheared the wool off the sheep I explained that the big blanket of wool would be spun into thread and then people make clothes with it. A few days later, I heard him explain to my mom that people can make clothes out of wolves. My goodness. I guess in a 5 year old mind, wool can become wolves pretty easily. I won't be correcting him any time soon.
Cute, huh?

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