Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten

Yesterday was the first day of kindergarten for T. I think I was more excited than he was. He doesn't really get it that things have changed and won't be doing back to his pre-school with Ms. Mint (Mrs. Smith), Mrs. Brown, or Ms. Human (Mrs. Newman). We didn't get the teacher we had hoped for (a young spunky teacher from Georgia) but are really happy to have Mrs. Viau. She's older and less excitable than the other but I think that might be better for my already-quite-excitable boy. Plus, she's a dutch lady, which can't be bad (IMHO)!
The first day the parents were instructed to say for the first hour. The parking was crazy and we ended up having to walk about a quarter mile just to get to class--but there were quite a few late comers so I didn't feel too bad. Of all days, I forgot my camera and camcorder! Fortunately, my neighbor brought hers and so we'll have some pictures of the big day. T was his usual very-confident self. He threw up his hand quickly and often, whenever a question was asked by the teacher. He got to hold the flag for the flag salute and he sung "Oh Mr. Sun, sun, Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on me...." and then the whole class did it together. It was nice. When asked to answer what he learned in Preschool, he shot up his arm. His answer was, " I learned something, but I don't remember what I learned." Stage fright? Nah. Just too excited, I bet. After kinder ended he was walked to the next building over on campus-- the CDC (child development center) until I could pick him up at the end of the day. I'd hoped he would eat his sandwich, cherries and crackers and was pleasantly surprised that he ate it all. (At preschool it was an issue that he never wanted to eat what the school presented--even on Pizza Friday days). I guess what Mama makes is better than what Mrs. Newman can put forth on any given day. :) (Can you guess Mrs. Newman was not high on my list of acquaintances?).
Today, they had a "boo hoo breakfast" for the parents to mill around, eat, and get to know each other. I couldn't stay but I did introduce myself to some other parents that were waiting with their children before the start of class. I really like these parents. They're all very cool. We all signed up for our children to be in a PIE class (Parent Involved in Education) where we all contract to volunteer for the class in some capacity for 4 hours per month. 2 orf the 4 kinder classes are the PIE program. It started a few years ago and has shown great improvement in the kids scores, plus a highly rewarding experience for all the kids to be taught by more adults and families really do connect better. It's easy to do, and quite exciting to be part of the class and get to know the kids and families on a more intimate level. It makes me feel like part of a close knit community. Nice. It's going to be a good year, I think.

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