Sunday, November 2, 2008


T the Pterodactyl at our front door.

Halloween was a lot of fun, as usual. T's school encouraged the kids to dress up and even had a fundraiser for portraits to be taken of the kids (for $5 for a 5x7). I paid it so hopefully it will be a nice one.
T was a pterodactyl and I was a witch. I knew the head part of the outfit for T would probably be pushed off for most of the day, so I painted his little face with green and orange colors to match the colors of the suit.
The pterodactyl smiles.

T shows how he would fly with his little wings. :)

I bought some green eye shadow and brushed it all over, blacked out my eyes and added some unattractive shadowing, plus a black dress, wig and hat and tadaaah! A witch.
I dressed that way for work and kept up the whole gig all day until after 9PM where I SO looked forward to a shower to get that stuff off! My patients loved it. And if they procreated that day, it would create a lasting memory of that day, for sure!
T and his classmates went on a little field trip and took a school bus to the district offices, sang Halloween songs and went office to office collecting candy. He got quite a booty of stuff!!
After work, T and my mom were waiting for me. Mom was feeling a little under the weather (?something she ate?) and so just T and I went to our neighbors house for a little pizza party and then some trick or treating around the neighborhood. We took a couple of blocks and collected quite enough candy! One house even had a big cotton candy machine in their driveway and was whirling out cotton candy for everyone! And the smell was divine! There were a few scuffles along the way with the kids getting too excited and wanting to be first to each door, running across yards, falling, tripping, and even yelling.....while 2 inches from her face to WALK ON THE SIDEWALK AND NOT IN THE GRASS!!!! (uh, yeah, my kid...) When the 5 year old recipient of that rant started to wail from fear, I felt like I SO wanted to be in the nearest deep dark hole. Fortunately, all was forgiven quickly, but still, I wished it hadn't happened. T and I had a chat about it later and hopefully he is learning about who is in charge and who is not.
All in all, it was a great day and everyone had an excellent time.

Here we all are, the hosts of the Halloween bash-ette and us.

Good times!

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