Friday, July 18, 2008

A visit to the dentist

Two weeks before T was to become 5 years old we had a dentist check up. I should mention during this time that I was very busy soaking up everything I could about T still being FOUR and acutely aware that time was passing too quickly and soon he'll be five and never more FOUR years old! Everything went well. In fact T insisted I stay in the waiting room while he got his check up. Wise guy. After the visit the doctor said all was well--no cavities. But he's getting his SIX YEAR molars in and there are some loose teeth in the bottom center!!! Hey! I didn't even know there WERE six year molars. And if there are six year molars, clearly, they should come in when he's SIX! And what about wiggly teeth??! I seem to recall most kids have missing teeth in first through third grade, not before they hit kindergarten! Now, there is one tooth that moves nearly 90 degrees from it's originally steady stand-point. I'm not helping it come out! But pretty soon it will find it's way into his little fingers. I've been up beat about the Tooth Fairy coming and how wonderful it is. (Suddenly I thought about how freaky it might be to expect a stranger to come in, in the middle of the night!) She'll thank him for his tooth and she will leave money under his pillow. He asked if she was coming for real or pretend? Hey, I thought, stop asking such reality based questions! I never asked such things when I was a kid! I said, "It's like the fairy in Pinocchio--the one that could make him into a real boy. But this fairy loves children so much, she collects their baby teeth and keeps them safe in her house. Losing your baby teeth means you are getting to be a big boy." He said, "I don't want to be big like you. I want to be like I am."(Me too, I thought...). So I said, "You will always be Mama's little boy." And he said that was good, but he didn't want to be a girl either. Well, that's settled, he's not going to turn into a girl. And, for me, the little boy will always be there, even when he's 6 feet tall. *sigh*

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